McComb team formed to advance Community Heart & Soul plans

McCOMB — The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation is thanking residents of the McComb region for their commitment to the Community Heart & Soul process, a project funded by the foundation with a $136,000 grant in 2015.

The Community Foundation also thanked the Heart & Soul team for its dedication to developing the region.

“Since February 2015, my perception of McComb has changed,” said project coordinator Joe Wasson.

“From talking with the community members and gathering data, we have found out what they value, what they would like the future to look like, and how these values are now turning into reality. I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of this process. It will be exciting as these values and ideas start to be implemented and watch the progress of our great community.”

As a result of two years of gathering and analyzing data, identifying what matters most to the McComb region, and collecting hundreds of ideas, the Heart & Soul team created an eight-sector plan:

  • Small community atmosphere sector — Some goals are to promote a clean environment, encourage home improvements, and adult community classes.
  • Village park sector — Maintain recreational activities, movies in the park, upkeep of the park, and scoreboards for two fields.
  • Business sector — Provide opportunities for industries, seasonal storefront displays, beauty shop, vet/grooming shop, coffee shop.
  • Athletic sector — Availability of equipment and transportation.
  • Churches — Ecumenical contemporary services, and an annual picnic.
  • Safety — Block Watch program, and a haz-mat evacuation plan.
  • School system — Art walk, adult education, weekend band concerts.
  • Library — A library awareness campaign, hosting community classes and after-school activities.

The plan is meant to guide decision-making and further development in the McComb region, based on input from residents.

The plan will continue to evolve and be developed through community partners.

A stewardship team led by team member Carol Cary has been created to see the project through.

This team will be responsible for implementing the plan and connecting various projects, ideas, people and resources, and embedding the Heart & Soul process in the McComb region.

“It takes the entire community to move us forward and we will always need everyone’s input and help. A few cannot do this alone,” Cary said.


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