New gym floor, bleachers installed at FHS

The Findlay School District has been working on several projects over the summer.

At the high school, the gym received a new floor and new bleachers. It’s a “floating floor,” which means “it’s not nailed to the concrete part. It actually can move a little bit,” said Dennis McPheron, director of operations.

That’s typical for new college and high school gyms, he said. The floating floor replaces the original 1962 floor.

Also at the high school, the floors, walls, piping and fixtures in the four main restrooms were updated. Those were original to 1962 as well.

Upgrades at the school’s loading dock mean there is room to unload two trucks at one time.

The high school was closed one day in November after a break in the main water line, and that line — also from 1962 — was replaced over the summer.

At Millstream Career Center, two new classrooms are under construction above the auto shop area.

They aren’t complete yet, but will be by the end of September, McPheron said.

A new welding lab will also be completed this fall to handle increased enrollment in that program, he said.

The district recently completed its dark fiber network, a 19-mile loop of optical fiber which provides faster internet access.

More than 400 wireless access points have also been installed, which along with the network will allow the district to implement its plan of giving each student a Chromebook over the next several years.


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