County landfill getting more waste this year

Hancock County commissioners on Tuesday approved an additional appropriation of $325,000 to the county landfill as a result of revenue generated by additional tons of waste dumped this year.

Steve Wilson, sanitary engineer at the landfill, said about 125,000 tons of material are usually received, but this year the amount will be closer to 150,000 tons.

The July flash flooding created additional waste at the landfill, he said, but not all of the additional tonnage.

Separately, the commissioners approved a resolution to extend an agreement with Hancock Hardin Wyandot Putnam Community Action Commission to transport Head Start students. The cost will remain $70,000 annually for the one-year extension.

Job and Family Services contracts with the county for the transportation costs.

Separately, a closed executive session was held to discuss potential real estate acquisition.

The commissioners met later Tuesday morning with Larry Busdeker, superintendent of the Hancock County Educational Service Center, about modifying the lease agreement for space in the former county home on Hancock County 140. The service center wants to use additional space in the building.

The commissioners may take action on the request during their meeting Thursday.

The commissioners also met Tuesday with Mike Schroeder, director at Litter Landing Recycling Center, for an update on the operation and personnel.


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