Council Legislation

Feb. 20, 2018
Attendance: 6


  • 06-2018, stipulating that city services will be provided to 49 acres being annexed to the city from Marion Township, known as the Humble Robinson/Strauch Annexation. A similar resolution was adopted by council on Dec. 19, but the acreage has been slightly increased.


  • 2018-8, third reading, appropriating $10,000 to make curb ramps compliant with federal laws protecting disabled people, and to improve safety and adjust catch basins in the Trenton Avenue/Main Cross Street curb replacement project. Ordinance approved 9-0, with Councilwoman Dina Ostrander, R-3, absent.
  • 2018-9, third reading, rezoning 632 Davis St. from “R2 Single Family, Medium Density” to “R4 Duplex/Triplex, High Density.” Ordinance approved 9-0.
  • 2018-13, second reading, appropriating $284,000, which is the city’s share of a project to construct a waterline extension on Allen Township 142 to create a waterline “loop” with an existing line on Hancock County 99. A waterline extension will serve the Hancock County landfill, too. The total project cost is about $930,221, with the Hancock County commissioners paying the balance.
  • 2018-14, first reading, renewing the city’s tax ordinance. Motion to suspend the three-reading rule was defeated 7-2, with council members Holly Frische, R-1, and Tim Watson, R-7, opposed. Vote to reconsider was 9-0, and the rule was then waived by a vote of 9-0. Ordinance approved 9-0.
  • 2018-15, first reading, appropriating $48,500 for the purchase of 23 fire hydrants along the new waterline in ordinance 2018-13.
  • 2018-16, first reading, appropriating $718,598 for street resurfacing. A total of $632,366 is money from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The balance is being paid by the city.
  • 2018-17, first reading, appropriating $6,530 to pay off a sewer project that was completed last year.
  • 2018-18, first reading, renewing the city’s vending contract with Coca-Cola for five years.
  • 2018-19, first reading, approving the first round of bidding for the city’s 2018 capital projects. Motion to waive the three-reading rule approved 9-0. Ordinance approved 9-0.
  • 2018-20, first reading, approving the city’s five-year capital improvement plan.


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