Hancock sales tax receipts down

Hancock County sales tax receipts received this month were down 3 percent from March 2017, according to the Hancock County Auditor’s Office.

The county received more than $1.58 million this month, down from more than $1.62 million in March 2017.

For the year, sales tax receipts are down 5 percent: $3.98 million this year compared with $4.19 million in 2017.

In 2016, March sales tax receipts were more than $1.67 million; for 2015, more than $1.4 million; and for 2014, more than $1.23 million.

Sales taxes are paid to the state and then returned to counties about three months after the actual sales.

Hancock County collects a 1 percent sales tax, with one-quarter percent being used for flood reduction and the remainder for general operations of various county departments.The flood-reduction tax is scheduled to end Dec. 31.

Sales tax receipts are expected to be down this year, officials have said. One reason is the federal government has determined that sales tax can no longer be collected on Medicaid managed care services. The county expects about a $600,000 loss annually, but received a $235,000 state payment this year to partially offset the reduction. There is no guarantee of future state assistance.


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