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Council Legislation

Aug. 8, 2018
Attendance: 35


  • 2018-58, vacating Carrol Street and Benton Street. Ordinance was tabled after second reading on July 3. Vote to lift ordinance from the table approved 7-3, with council members Holly Frische, R-1; Jim Niemeyer, R-6; Tim Watson, R-7, opposed. Ordinance approved 6-5. Voting in favor were John Harrington, R-5; Dennis Hellmann, R-2; Dina Ostrander, R-3, along with Republican at-large Councilmen Grant Russel and Tom Shindledecker. Council President Ron Monday cast the tie-breaking vote.
  • 2018-67, third reading, amending the city’s zoning code, expanding the number of citizens notified of planning commission applications. The new rule would require all property owners within 250 feet of the applicant’s property to be notified, and require a sign be posted on the applicant’s property alerting neighbors to the application and giving a number to call for further information. Separately, the new rules would require buildings constructed on Main Street, Main Cross and Sandusky Street to be constructed within 5 feet of the street right of way, and require buildings to have a minimum width equal to 60 percent of the lot width. These rules would apply only to buildings or lots that are zoned C-3. A definition of small wind turbine is also being added to the code. Ordinance tabled 9-1, with Frische opposed.
  • 2018-68, third reading, granting the city zoning office the authority to enforce the city’s right of way rules. Ordinance tabled 10-0.
  • 2018-69, third reading, zoning about 49 acres in Marion Township, known at the Humble Robinson annexation, as I-1 Light Industry and M-2 Multiple-Family Residential. Ordinance approved 10-0.
  • 2018-70, third reading, approving the annexation of the Humble Robinson property. Ordinance approved 10-0.
  • 2018-72, second reading, rezoning 804 Franklin Ave. from “R2 Single Family, Medium Density” to “R4 Duplex/Triplex Multi-Family.”
  • 2018-73, second reading, rezoning 311 and 311½ E. Lincoln St. from “C2 General Commercial” to “R4 Duplex/Triplex Multi-Family.”
  • 2018-75, second reading, authorizing the city service director to enter into contracts for about $1.1 million in capital improvement projects.
  • 2018-77, first reading, authorizing the safety director to waive bidding requirements and accept a contract and a $101,091 grant from the Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters fund for the installation of exhaust removal systems at two Findlay fire stations. The city will contribute $34,000 to the project from the capital improvement fund. Motion to waive council’s three-reading rule approved 10-0. Ordinance approved 10-0.
  • 2018-78, first reading, authorizing the service director to sign an agreement with CSX Transportation allowing the city to install a storm sewer at a railroad crossing on East Foulke Avenue. Motion to waive council’s three-reading rule approved 10-0. Ordinance approved 10-0.
  • 2018-79, first reading, authorizing the safety director to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Maumee Watershed Conservancy District, Defiance, for maintaining flood-control benches along the Blanchard River in Findlay as part of the flood-control project.


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