Accident victim receives honor

OTTAWA — Putnam County Hospice honored two volunteers for their contributions, including the victim of a near-fatal drunken driving crash.
James Noone and Gary Nadler were recognized as the Putnam County Hospice Persons of the Year, said Kathy Rellinger, volunteer coordinator.
The Courier recently published a story about the Jan. 22, 2011, crash that severely injured Noone, and detailing the driver’s efforts in prison to rehabilitate himself.
Noone regularly visits hospice patients with mental health and behavioral problems. Many of them see limited involvement from family members, Rellinger said.
“It is humbling to watch him in action as he serves his Lord by sharing time with these people who are often forgotten by the rest of the world,” Rellinger said in her speech honoring the men.
Rellinger also credited Nadler for his contributions in the office and special events.



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