Findlay residents face drug charges

Two Findlay residents have been charged with selling drugs in the city.
Tonya L. Gipson, 22, was indicted on two counts of drug trafficking, third- and fourth-degree felonies. Gipson allegedly sold less than the bulk amount of oxycodone on Oct. 10, and less than 1 gram of heroin on Nov. 7.
Prosecutors allege both sales occurred within 1,000 feet of Glenwood Middle School, according to the indictment.
Separately, Dennis K. Hale Jr., 23, allegedly twice sold marijuana.
He is charged with selling less than 200 grams of marijuana on April 11 and April 29. The charges are fifth-degree felonies, according to the indictment.
Gipson and Hale were both charged through recently unsealed secret indictments.


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