Boil advisory issued for Tiffin Ave., Londonderry

Because of repair work on a water main on Londonderry Drive, a water boil advisory has been issued for two addresses on that street as well as several others on Tiffin Avenue.

Addresses affected include 821 and 825 Londonderry Drive, and 1735, 1739, 1745, 1749, 1765, 1777, 1781, 1787, 1789, 1791, 1805, 1811, 1813, 1817, 1821 and 1825 Tiffin Ave.

Water for drinking, including making ice, cooking or oral hygiene, should be vigorously boiled for at least one minute before use, or use bottled water.

Samples are being collected from the affected area to ensure that the water is free from bacterial contamination. Another advisory will be issued when the order is lifted.

Questions can be directed to the Findlay Water Treatment Plant at 419-424-7193, or the Water Distribution Department at 419-424-7192.


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