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From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

An Oxford Drive resident apprised Friday that she had been the victim of a telephone scam that sought a money order to aid a purported relative.
A rural Upper Sandusky male reportedly threatened a Findlay person via telephone. The incident was filed Friday.
Three city juveniles were cited Friday for underage consumption of alcohol on McManness Avenue.
A radio was filched Friday from an auto outside 1135 Vincent St.
A Cynthia Court citizen said Friday she discovered two fraudulent transactions on her bank account.
Trespass charges were considered Friday against a Winfield Avenue female who mowed her neighbor’s lawn.
A Detroit denizen was jailed for possessing drugs on Maple Avenue on Saturday.
A West Foulke Avenue man was incarcerated for trespassing at 1709 Bank St. and threatening residents there Saturday.
A Bloomdale resident maintained Saturday of fraud involving with her bank checks.
A person ran from the Tiffin Avenue Wal-Mart after shoplifting wares Saturday.
Three city females were nabbed Saturday after shoplifting goods from the Trenton Avenue Wal-Mart.
A rural Forest woman’s wallet was swiped Saturday at the Findlay Village Mall.
Two Fostoria Avenue siblings each were charged with domestic violence following a conflict Sunday.
A male reportedly stole several shirts Sunday from Elder-Beerman, 1800 Tiffin Ave.
A Hampton Avenue male was jailed for domestic violence after striking his girlfriend Sunday.
An Allen Avenue male was incarcerated for domestic violence after harming his girlfriend Monday.
A rural Arcadia resident was cited for having drug paraphernalia in the 500 block of East Sandusky Street. The incident happened Monday.
Thievery was reported Monday at 222 Lima Ave.
Holiday weekend warrants were distributed to those found at 315 Allen Ave., 1907 Huntington Drive, 109 Larkins St., Texas Roadhouse at 1111 W. Trenton Ave. and Sterling Hill Drive.
Holiday weekend domestic unrest occurred inside homes on Country Creek Drive, South Cory Street, Washington Avenue, Doune Drive, Parkway Drive and Lawn Avenue.

Sheriff’s Office

A Carey driver was ticketed for failing to control a Chrysler that struck a traffic sign off Hancock County 273 on May 20.
A house was egged on May 19 at 3219 Pepper Pike.
A stop sign was knocked down Friday at the intersection of Hancock County 86 and Liberty Township 130.
Domestic trouble occurred inside an Allen Township 108 abode last Tuesday.
Fourteen post office boxes were damaged inside the Mount Blanchard Post Office. The damage was reported May 21.
A Eagle Township man advised on May 19 that someone had opened a store credit card account with his name, sans permission.
A duffel bag and briefcase were removed from a tractor-trailer outside 19403 Hancock County 216, Arcadia, on May 18, while nine other autos also were ransacked in Arcadia.
A mailbox was destroyed outside 7246 Hancock County 330, Alvada, while six other mailboxes were damaged in that vicinity, too. This was noted May 20.
A garage door was egged to 3420 Turnberry Drive in mid-May.

Anyone with information about a crime can call Findlay/Hancock County Crimestoppers between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays at 419-425-TIPS, or visit
Callers may remain anonymous.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


5:36 a.m., 1005 Parkside Place, emergency medical service call.
6:35 a.m., 1600 Fox St., emergency medical service call.
7:20 a.m., 213 Rutherford Ave., unintentional alarm.
1:16 p.m., 1014 N. Blanchard St., traffic accident.
2:18 p.m., 600 Fox Run Road, unintentional alarm.
2:31 p.m., 232 Elm St., emergency medical service call.
4:01 p.m., Bright Road, canceled en route.
5:41 p.m., North Main St., gasoline spill
6:08 p.m., 1700 E. Melrose Ave., traffic accident.
6:22 p.m., 15546 River Birch Court, emergency medical service call.
9:01 p.m., 413 Rector Ave., unauthorized burning.
9:19 p.m., 1430 Morrical Boulevard, emergency medical service call.
9:53 p.m., 752 Longmeadow Lane, emergency medical service call.
10:14 p.m., 1050 Vincent St., emergency medical service call.


1:10 a.m., 310 W. Bigelow Ave., emergency medical service call.
6:39 a.m., 2223 Fox Run Circle, emergency medical service call.
12:25 p.m., 232 Tioga Ave., emergency medical service call.
6:11 p.m., 740 Longmeadow Lane, emergency medical service call.
11:48 p.m., 535 Londonderry Drive, gasoline spill.


5:15 p.m., 500 S. Main St., traffic accident.

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