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From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

A trespass charge was being considered against a West Main Cross Street woman who refused to depart 2220 Ivy Court. The resident at that address was accused of assault. This drama unfolded Wednesday.
A Selby Street resident said Wednesday that her ex-husband, now deceased, had opened an AT&T account using her name, but without her consent.
A West Main Cross Street citizen on Wednesday reported receiving threatening telecommunications.
A West Skye View Drive female was nabbed Wednesday after shoplifting food from Meijer, 2200 Tiffin Ave.
A Texas traveler was incarcerated for assault Thursday after punching an employee in the face at Super 8, 1951 Broad Ave.
Two Findlay residents, wanted under separate warrants, were detained Thursday in the 2300 block of Jennifer Lane and the 1700 block of East Melrose Avenue.

Sheriff’s Office

A dead animal was deposited near a walkway at 7433 Eagle Township 43. The report was filed Tuesday.

Anyone with information about a crime can call Findlay/Hancock County Crimestoppers between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays at 419-425-TIPS, or visit Callers may remain anonymous.

Municipal Court

From the public records of Findlay Municipal Court. The following people were sentenced:
Stephanie Y. Barnhart, Findlay, driving with a permit but without a licensed driver along; $75 fine.
Kevin D. Coats, Findlay, driving under suspension (DUS); $400 fine.
Matthew A. Culler and Thomas V. Pierce, both of Findlay, DUS; $150 fines.
Erin L. Custard, Findlay, DUS; $400 fine.
Raul Roblero-Morales, Findlay, and James R. McCarty, Leipsic, both for DUS; $350 fines.
Chad E. Powers, Findlay, DUS; $250 fine.
Markus A. Gossard, Findlay, DUS and display of license plates violation; $500 fine.
Brook E. Myers, Findlay, operating a vehicle on a closed street; $150 fine.
Miguez A. Rodriguez, Findlay, DUS; $250 fine, 90 jail days with 82 suspended.
Diana H. Saavedra-Hernandez, Laquan Rickman, Veronika R. Guajardo, Jana Hemlepp, all of Findlay, disorderly conduct; $150 fines.
Christopher P. Stuard, Findlay, permitting an unlicensed person to drive; $400 fine.
Kelley B. Snyder, Findlay, confinement of dogs violation; $150 fine.
Jaesun J. Bame, Findlay, financial responsibility act (FRA) violation; license suspended 701 days.
Zara R. Fournier, rural Van Buren, speed; $95 fine.
James S. Beltz, Tamra M. Woods, both of Findlay; Noah J. Hindall, rural Van Buren, all for drug abuse; $150 fines.
Kyle J. Coons, Zachery H. Freed, both of Findlay, reckless operation of vehicle; $250 fines, 30 jail days with 25 suspended.
Patrick A. Finerd, Findlay, violating a protection order; $250 fine, 180 jail days suspended.
Daniel D. Hagerty, rural Findlay, physical control of a vehicle violation; $650 fine, 90 jail days with 83 suspended.
Dorothy A. Weaver, Findlay; Alanna R. Roth, Dunkirk; Michael A. Gatchell Jr., Upper Sandusky, all for speed; $105 fines.
Anthony A. Wilson, Findlay, DUS; $750 fine.
Adam C. Manley, Findlay, reckless operation of vehicle and two lights required violation; $400 fine, 30 jail days with 28 suspended.
William T. Binner, Findlay, sale to/use by underage person; $600 fine, 60 jail days suspended.
Jenna L. Bonnett, Findlay, DUS; $750 fine, 270 jail days with 240 suspended.
Dean A. Harmon, Fostoria, drug paraphernalia offenses and criminal damaging of property; $500 fine, 60 jail days suspended.
Kathleen M. Holladay, Findlay, hypodermic needle possession, operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI), and DUS; $1,050 fine, 210 jail days with 115 suspended, license suspended 731 days.
Rita A. Lane, Findlay, petty theft; $250 fine, 30 jail days with 25 suspended.
Alexander B. Majeska, Findlay, DUS, reckless operation of vehicle, and speed; $650 fine, 120 jail days with 110 suspended, license suspended 366 days.
Armando R. Davila, Deshler, reckless operation of vehicle, violation of driving restriction, and failure to maintain control of vehicle; $650 fine, 30 jail days with 20 suspended, license suspended 366 days.
Ali M.A.M. Burnu, Findlay, FRA violation; license suspended 366 days.
Samantha R. Clayton, North Baltimore, OVI; $650 fine, 90 jail days with 80 suspended, license suspended 731 days.
Brady T. Morrison, McComb, physical control of vehicle violation; $450 fine, 30 jail days with 23 suspended.
Juvenile Court

From the public records of Hancock County Juvenile Court:
Sarah Ramirez, of Findlay, was sentenced to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a first-degree misdemeanor. Her 13-year-old had 16 school absences between August 2016 and January 2017. The jail sentence and fine were suspended if her child does not have any further absences. Ramirez must contact Century Health and make an appointment to get on Medicaid; have a substance abuse and mental health assessment; and contact the court if she changes her address. Ramirez must also refrain from using any illegal substances and submit to random drug screens.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


1:25 a.m., 2034 Elyria St., emergency medical service call.
4:44 a.m., 101 Bentley Court, emergency medical service call.
8:56 a.m., 2141 Bright Road, traffic accident.
9:51 a.m., 737 E. Sandusky St., emergency medical service call.
1:37 p.m., 1050 Interstate Drive, alarm malfunction.

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