Public Record


From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

A domestic disturbance occurred at a Breckenridge Road apartment Sunday.
A youth was issued a summer ban from Emory Adams Park after fighting with another boy there Sunday.
Two people wanted under separate warrants were taken into custody Sunday at 2050 Breckenridge Road, Apt. 4, and in the 700 block of South Main Street.
A motorist was ticketed for driving with a suspended license Sunday after being stopped on North Blanchard Street.
A person was given a criminal trespass warning for Dollar General, 2721 N. Main St., after being accused of stealing movies Sunday.
A man was arrested Sunday for having drugs in the 1800 block of Broad Avenue.

Sheriff’s Office

A Bloomdale man was accused of scratching a Lincoln sedan in a parking lot at 1201 W. Trenton Ave. on April 5.
A Colorado Avenue man on Sunday said someone used his wife’s Social Security number to file a tax return.


From the public records of Hancock County Common Pleas Court:

Marriage Licenses

Jason M. Breiholz, 1031 Cedar Ave., lead hand, to Michelle Ann Pash, 1031 Cedar Ave., warehouse.
Nichel J. Bothello, 634 W. Foulke Ave., seaman, to Khongket Khanthabouth, 634 W. Foulke Ave., material handler.
Christopher J. O’Dell, 932 Bernard Ave., rehabilitation director, to Samantha J. Paugh, 932 Bernard Ave., laborer.

From the public records of the Hancock County auditor’s office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Marathon Petroleum and MPC Investment to Blanchard Valley Port Authority, Lots 161-162, Lot 551, Lots 157-160, and part of Section 19, East Sandusky Street, Findlay; Lots 1202-1221, East Lincoln Street, Findlay; Lots 577-578, East Street, Findlay; 601 S. Main St., Findlay; and part of Section 19, East Hardin Street, Findlay.
Massey Family Trust and Gary W. Massey to James D. and Janet M. Massey, 423 Carnahan Ave., Findlay.
LVP Development to Scott and Maria Baughman, Lot 245, Lakebrook Drive, Findlay, $74,250.
Jan Michael Scales to Deborah A. Scales, 1208 Woodworth Drive, Findlay.
John and Naomi Shepherd to Roger Best, Lot 5, Deer Landing Drive, Findlay, $225,000.
Tracy E. and Simone McGee to Peter J. and Sarah E. Seidel, 9509 Ringle Road, Findlay, $182,500.
John E. and Julie A. Bodart to Mark J. Klein, 15375 S. Point Drive, Findlay, $155,900.
Richard S. Hopkins to Richard S. and Janice A. Hopkins, 504 Glenview Drive, Fostoria.
Joshua W. and Megan Melby to Laura W. Matusoff, 811 Abby Lane, Findlay, $278,000.
Paul A. Parrick to G. Dana and Joann M. Paris, 9235 Colonel Drive, Findlay, $156,000.
Patrick H. and Sheila E. Kinley to Jater Enterprises, 505 S. Buffalo St., Vanlue, $150,000.
Alexander Szkaradek and RV Holdings Three to Randall Moening and Betty Boyd, 213 N. Blanchard St., Findlay, $23,500.
American Servicing Corp. to Brian W. Lamb, 844 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria, $120,000.
Ronald G. Jr. and Stacy L. Amburgey to Jeffrey L. and Karen S. Shafer, 408 W. Main St., McComb.
C. Andrew and Pamela Lammers to Charles A. Lammers Properties, 3100 N. Main St., Findlay, and Lot 138, Lotze Street, Findlay.
John L. and Deborah A. Ewing to Brad A. Brown, 103 W. South St., McComb, $44,000.
William B. and Cathy L. Gummow to Dallas J. and Cassandra J. Meeker, 102 W. Market St., Van Buren, $168,000.
April L. and Kevin E. Hoersten to Duane D. and Kellie L. Abke, 521 Rector Ave., Findlay, $94,000.
David E. Phegley to David E. and Carol J. Phegley, 505 Clifton Ave., Findlay.
David E. and Carol J. Phegley to Allen L. and Susan R. Welch, 505 Clifton Ave., Findlay.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


12:59 p.m., 1846 Lima Ave., emergency medical service call.
4:28 p.m., 330 Oakland Ave., emergency medical service call.
9:45 p.m., 708 N. Main St., good intention call.


3:01 a.m., 2017 Harrison St., emergency medical service call.
7:27 a.m., 706 Balsley Ave., electrical equipment shorted.

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