Public Record


From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

A rural Arlington motorist was charged with driving under the influence following a Tuesday traffic hit-skip incident in the 700 block of Howard Street.
An unlawful entry occurred at 314 Cherry St. The break-in was reported Wednesday.
Two Findlay residents wanted under separate warrants were nabbed recently on Winfield Avenue and 516½ W. Front St.
An intoxicated West Melrose Avenue male walking in the middle of Fishlock Avenue was arrested for disorderly conduct Wednesday.
A rural Findlay passenger was cited for having a drug pipe during a traffic inquiry in the 1000 block of Bernard Avenue where a North Baltimore driver was docked for having a suspended license Wednesday.
A Center Street juvenile denied stealing cash from a parent. The drama unfolded Wednesday.
A Jennifer Lane male was incarcerated for domestic violence after injuring his girlfriend Wednesday.
A Larkins Street lass was found with weed Wednesday on Lane Avenue.
A Fostoria resident was charged with drug abuse Thursday on Liberty Street.
A Tiffin Avenue male was issued a telecommunications harassment warning Thursday to desist in calling a Findlay business.

Sheriff’s Office

A Grosse Pointe, Michigan motorist was cited Wednesday for failing to control a Ford Focus that fractured a stop sign before hitting a guardrail off Liberty Township 81 near U.S. 68.
Authorities handled a report Monday of an elderly Amanda Township citizen living in unsanitary conditions and having open sores.
A Washington Township teenager reportedly had been sexually assaulted by a relative. The report was filed in early June.
Sheriff’s deputies investigated a situation Sunday involving an individual who was thrown from the hood of a car that he had grabbed hold of during a road rage report on Northridge Road.
A fence was knocked down Sunday at 3673 Hancock County 126, McComb.
A UPS package was reported missing June 1 after being sent to 2401 Springmill Road.
Broken cinder blocks and small bricks were discarded at Liberty Landing. The incident was noted Monday.
A Blanchard Township person apprised in late May of receiving a fraudulent check.
A window was smashed at 121 S. Main St., Arlington. The damage was reported Wednesday.

Anyone with information about a crime can call Findlay/Hancock County Crimestoppers between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays at 419-425-TIPS, or visit
Callers may remain anonymous.

Municipal Court

From the public records of the Findlay Municipal Court. The following people were sentenced:
Shawn P. Addenbrooke, Findlay, disorderly conduct; $100 fine.
Ko Anoudeth, Findlay, no operator’s license (NOL); $50 fine.
Harmony A. N. Gallant, Findlay, drug abuse, driving under suspension (DUS); $450 fine.
Markus A. Gossard, Luay O. M. Meeralam, Keith D. Thomas Jr., Jade R. C. Garza, all of Findlay, Norberto Rivera, Fostoria, Austin L. Swisher, Joshua Peterson, both of McComb, David L. Hannah, rural McComb, Sarah K. Taylor, rural Vanlue, DUS; $250 fine.
Genevieve M. Sierra, Samuel L. Johnson III, both of Findlay, DUS; $350 fine.
Bradley A. Hames, Findlay, stopping for a school bus violation; $225 fine.
Lacey C. Mitchell, Findlay, NOL; $35.
Sharon M. Morrison, Findlay, fail to stop after an accident; $150 fine, license suspended 181 days.
Cheryle K. Rocha, Findlay, stopping for a school bus violation; $100 fine.
Kreseana J. Smallwood, Findlay, DUS; $250 fine, 30 jail days with 27 suspended.
James L. Courtney, Arlington, violation of driving restriction; $250 fine, 30 jail days suspended.
Judith A. Thompson, rural McComb, windshield wiper violation; $150 fine.
Christopher D. Trutt, rural Arlington, NOL; $35 fine.
Paula Vandenburg, Findlay, DUS; $50 fine.
Jennifer A. Weston, Findlay, plates to another vehicle violation; $165 fine.
Marlow Gene Hall III, rural Bluffton, Ted E. Heckerman, Hoytville, Bianca C. Rayle, Fostoria, Brandi E. Trutt, rural Arlington, Marsi A. Hudson, Findlay, speed; $105 fine.
Angela M. Decker, Findlay, aggravated disorderly conduct; $250 fine, 30 jail days with 20 suspended.
Michael S. Hummel, Findlay, drug paraphernalia offenses; $250 fine, 30 jail days with 13 suspended.
Lynn Marie Christman, North Baltimore, drug abuse; $158 fine.
Victor R. Magallanes, Deshler, DUS, petty theft; $650 fine, 120 jail days with 99 suspended.
Ashley B. Yarman, Findlay, possession of drug paraphernalia; $100 fine.
Dakota D. Dunlap, Findlay, OVI, driving between marked lanes violation, following to close; $800 fine, 180 jail days with 150 suspended, license suspended 731 days.
Misty R. Miller, rural Fostoria, speed; $155 fine.
Mary E. Miller, Ada, possession of marijuana; $100 fine.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


7:11 p.m., 1107 Fishlock Ave., assist police.
7:47 p.m., 2000 N. Blanchard St., emergency medical service call.
9:02 p.m., 1921 Queenswood Drive, carbon monoxide detector activation.
10:49 p.m., 1311 Glen Haven Drive, emergency medical service call.


7:53 a.m., 427 Tiffin Ave., traffic accident.
12:43 p.m., 1356 Chateau Circle, emergency medical service call.

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