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From the public records of the Findlay Police Department:

Police Department

A man riding a bike in a park in the 100 block of East Front Street on Thursday was found to have suspected crack cocaine.
Criminal damaging was reported Thursday at 429 N. Cory St.
A man and female had visible injuries from a domestic violence incident on Thursday in the 200 block of Madison Avenue. The woman was arrested.
A 15-year-old boy was arrested for violating curfew Thursday in the 300 block of Washington Street.


From the public records of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Jonathan and Monica Stapley to Robin and Laurie Miller, 422 Utah Ave., Findlay, $165,000.
Michael and Bethany Needler Jr. to Tyler and Christina Muryn, 2033 Old Mill Road, Findlay, $490,000.
Martin and Lisa Richmond to Stephen Pavlock, 614 Lincolnshire Lane, Findlay, $194,500.
Belinda Smith to Roger Bowers, 420 Rector Ave., Findlay, $109,900.
Marilyn Elliott, Elliott Living Trust to Christine Linder, 1912 Wyoming Trail, Findlay, $149,500.
Michael and Mary Hoopman to Nancy Dysinger and Nancy E. Dysinger 2001 Trust, 2772 Hickory Grove Court, Findlay, $390,000.
Jeffrey and Deb Martin to Bradley Lemos and Jessica Chandler, 110 Walnut St., Findlay, $57,000.
Andrew and Kelly Branic to Curtis and Elizabeth Fisher, 1451 Misty Oaks Drive, Findlay, $219,900.
Phillip and April Ogg Jr. to Jason and Rebecca Wos, 1010 Glen Road, Findlay, $148,000.
Elaine and Alvin Rettig to WINB LLC, 811 N. Cory St., Findlay, $45,000.
Donald, Kathie, Sarah Bledsoe, Karen B. Hop Revocable Living Trust, William Clarke to DJ3 LLC, 1604 Crystal Ave., Findlay, $115,000.
Dean Nelson, Barbara Decker, Dorothy Akerman, Dorothy Bower, Barbara Nelson, William Decker to Tina Rumschlag, 1830 Bolton St., Findlay, $80,000.
John and Miranda Young to Alyson Combs and Todd Geise, 15736 Forest Lane, Findlay, $258,000.
Jeremy and Amy Meyers to Andrea Baker, 1324 S. West St., Findlay, $139,000.
John Click to Delores Click, 422 Walnut St., Findlay.
Miguel Gonzalez and Irma Iglesias to Timothy Fritz, 2400 N. Towne Drive, Findlay, $157,000.
Taylor Miller to Taylor Miller and Maud Sanmiquel, 705 Charles Ave., Findlay.
Karen and Neil Norheim, Neil and Karen Norheim Joint Revocable to Jarrod and Danielle Steffan, 3210 Gleneagle Drive, Findlay, $187,000.
Ronald and Martha Dills to Jennifer Stuard, 406 Rosewood Ave., Findlay, $113,400.
Omar Weist to Earl Price and Ashley Frankart, 208 Olive St., Findlay, $123,500.
Ann Urbanski to Laurence and Patricia Jones, 927 Fox Run Road, Findlay, $182,000.
Omer Schroeder to Leslie Kahle, 4190 Portage Township 135, McComb.
Ida Sendelbach to Richard Haar, 431 Elm St., Fostoria, $46,500.
Hancock County sheriff and Stephanie Treece to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 1723 Washington Ave., Findlay, $68,000. Humphrey Family Revocable Living Trust, Marvin and Eleanor Humphrey to Matt and Brenda Pickett, 1200 Glen Meadow Drive, Findlay, $125,000.
Brian Bryson and Jamie Smith to 200 West LLC, 305 W. Front St., Findlay, $33,803.
Brian Bryson and Jamie Smith to 200 West LLC, 210 S. West St., Findlay.
Stanley Macke to Jane Ickes, 607 W. Lake Court, Findlay, $225,000.
John and Debra Anders to Benjamin and Samantha Stanhope, 3315 Gleneagle Drive, Findlay, $168,000.
Calvin Wilson to Brian and Leanne McElhaney, 13319 Arrowhead Drive, Findlay, $235,000.
Charles Flugga to Theresa Caudill and Danny Flugga, 300 W. North St., Vanlue.
Ralph Tabor to Norma Tabor, 216 Esther Lane, Findlay.
Brookview Homes to Shawn and Lorraine Zuver, Shawn Zuver Trust, Lorraine Zuver Trust, Lot 17, Still Waters Drive, Findlay, $50,000.
Michelle and Timothy McKinniss to Cody and Alyssa Shaw, 107 S. Main St., Mount Blanchard, $100,000.
Marion and Brenda Waltz Jr. to Jeffrey and Laura Lagerquist, 3000 Turnberry Drive, Findlay, $344,500.
Derek and Kristina Gillian to Colton Sieber and Allison Haslinger, 1720 Hilton Ave., Findlay, $135,000.
Thelma Rice to Larry, Gary, Debra Rice, 1214 Vincent St., Findlay.
Kevin and Megan Shoup to Jeremy and Amy Meyers, 901 N. Hill Trail, Findlay, $214,000.
Roger, Nancy, John, Erin Best to Joseph and Kristi Brinkman, 1059 White Birch Lane, Findlay, $277,000.
Douglas Redman to Rodney and Laura King, 125 N. Cumberland Ave., Arlington, $100,000.
Sharon Bosse to Thomas Baker, 2317 Northridge Road, Findlay, $120,000.
Jessica and Marvin Beagle to Todd Wickman, 15133 Jackson Township 166, Arlington, $140,000.
Sharon Grubbs to Joshua and Melissa Launder, 1017 W. Sandusky St., Findlay, $50,000.
Ronald and Cynthia Kelbley to Travis and Nicole Beagle, 20412 Van Buren Township 65, Jenera, $315,000.
Christopher Seamon to Kenneth Deitering, 535 W. Lima St., Findlay, $82,000.
Shawn and Misty Patterson to Kenneth and Stacy Worline, 2625 Eaton Place, Findlay, $140,000.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


4:58 p.m., 1707 E. Main Cross St., emergency medical service call.
5:05 p.m., 744 Longmeadow Lane, emergency medical service call.
6:12 p.m., 907 W. Main Cross St., emergency medical service call.
8:05 p.m., 806 Bright Road, emergency medical service call.
8:41 p.m., 2020 Tiffin Ave., alarm malfunction.


4:56 a.m., 3221 Crosshill Drive, emergency medical service call.
7:11 a.m., West Trenton Avenue and Fox Street, traffic accident.
11:59 a.m., 464 E. Sandusky St., traffic accident.
2:25 p.m., 120 W. Front St., emergency medical service call.

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