Public Record


From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

Domestic disagreements were noted Tuesday at domiciles on Frazer Street and Kirkwood Court.
A Shore Drive female was facing a petty theft count Tuesday if she did not settle a bill with Hampton Inn, 921 Interstate Drive.
A Lima lass wanted under two municipal court warrants was located in the 300 block of North Main Street on Tuesday.
A Saratoga Drive woman was cited Tuesday for having weed in the 800 block of Center Street.
A damage report was filed at the Findlay Village Mall property on Tuesday.
A Frazer Street female was caught concealing store clothes inside her purse Tuesday at the Trenton Avenue Walmart.
A Toledo citizen was taken into custody Wednesday under a Fostoria warrant after police responded to a fracas at Motel 6, 1600 Fox St.
An auto was stolen from 417 N. Main St. This was filed Wednesday.

Sheriff’s Office

A Delaware Township trustee said Monday that he received a hostile call from a township resident regarding a drainage issue on the resident’s property.
A Parkwood Drive man reported last December that someone opened a cable account using his name, without permission.
Domestic discord was noted at a Parkwood Drive place Monday.
Two boys were admonished last week for breaking into a CSX shed at Arlington Park.

Anyone with information about a crime can call Findlay/Hancock County Crimestoppers between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays at 419-425-TIPS, or visit
Callers may remain anonymous.


From the public records of Hancock County Common Pleas Court:

Divorces, Dissolutions

Tamera Rex and Kurtis Rex, dissolution.
Dustie Henretty from Rodney Henretty, divorce.

From the public records of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Margaret Baughman Inter Vivos Revocable Trust, Gary Baughman, Harry Baughman Inter Vivos Revocable Trust to Tammy and Terrence Reinhart, Terrence Reinhart Revocable Trust, 9260 Biglick Township 251, Findlay, $478,000.
David and Ella Moore to Whiskey Delta LLC, 210 Court Ruelle, Findlay, $309,000.
David and Ella Moore to Whiskey Delta LLC, 700 N. Cory St., Findlay.
Stephanie Sanmiguel to Whiskey Delta LLC, 235 Esther Lane, Findlay, $121,119.
Progressive Holdings LLC, Cameron and David Clinger to CKB Holdings LLC, part of Lot 7, East Main Street, McComb.
William and Mark Ogg to Dale and Kay Fredritz, 3.5 acres and 1.26 acres, Ohio 15, Findlay.
William, Jane and Mark Ogg to Dale and Kay Fredritz, 13.5 acres, Township 197, Findlay, $84,195.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, New Century Home Equity Loan Trust to Danielle Freed, 15943 Amanda Township 191, Mount Blanchard, $55,100.
Carol Cheney to Joseph Cheney and Cheney Irrevocable Heritage Trust, 40 acres, Lincoln Highway, Bluffton.
Roger and Carol Jane Gossman to John and Janice Haan and John and Janice Haan Revocable Living Trust, 8658 U.S. 224, Findlay, $120,000.
Kevin and Barbara Hahn to David and Anne Sauber, 2126 S. Main St., Findlay, $436,500.
Joshua Clark to Joshua and Brittany Clark, 1100 Bernard Ave., Findlay.
Roger and Tammy Erwin to Ritwick and Andrea Premnath, 609 Hull Ave., Findlay, $109,900.
Dennis and Barbara Toth to Douglas and Denise Beach, 11650 Liberty Township 76, Findlay, $190,000.
American Acquisitions Corp. to Cameron Hoffbauer, 5868 Washington Township 254, Arcadia, $88,000.
Jeffery and Allison Morton to Kyle Fortman, 2016 Greystone Drive, Findlay, $247,900.
Christopher and Mandy Myers to Stephanie Jett, 618 Hull Ave., Findlay, $75,500.
Regina and Kimberly Russo to Jennifer and Jeff Long Jr., 11503 Hancock County 252, Findlay, $229,000.
Lynn and Matthew Gerdeman to James Otley, 912 W. Main Cross St., Findlay.
James and Dana Helfrich to Nathan and Joy Anderson, 300 Cedar Lane, Arlington, $192,000.
Jay and Brittany Reese to Gregory and Jaime Niese, 127 S. Main St., Rawson, $95,000.
Robert Miller, Sneed Family Preservation Trust to Leonard and Connie Spence Sr., 104 E. Perrin Ave., McComb, $67,333.
Alan and Arlene Gay to Michael McGuire, 767 Timberview Drive, Findlay, $235,900.
Sumiriko Ohio Inc., DTR Industries Inc. to G S Wiring Systems Inc., U-4, 2029 Bluestone Drive, Findlay, $163,000.
Gabriel and Emily Wyler to Doris Cowgill, 210 E. Market St., Van Buren, $99,000.
Christina and Bert Wyant to Fern Hackett, 311 Independence Ave., Fostoria, $70,000.
Rene Arredondo to Keith and Jami Hall, 205 First St., Findlay, $239,000.
Roger, Mark, Cynthia and Alexandra Ferguson to Stephen Flugga, 135 Oakland Ave., Findlay, $128,000.
Gary and Judith Greiwe to Paul and Cassondra Thompson IV, 20480 Madison Township 66, Arlington, $13,000.
Andrew and Brianna Kunst to Caleb Medley and Eclipse Stockwell, 617 S. Blanchard St., Findlay, $81,900.
Georgiana Dangler to Steven and Amber Morris II, 825 Longmeadow Lane, Findlay, $153,500.
Benjamin Stoner to Hannah Phillips, 2833 Hancock County 5, Deshler.
Andrew and Alicia Welch to Eric and Emily Barnett, 150 Kelly St., Rawson, $83,500.
Daniel and Margie Wagner to Joshua and Heather Hille, 15317 Bent Tree Drive, Findlay, $229,900.
Thomas and Matina Lagos to Poplar Court Apartments LLC, 2901 Greenacre Drive, Findlay.
Marilyn Koch to Marvin and Deborah Crawford, 368 Pinebrook Court, McComb, $175,000.
Thanouthong, Thanou, Eric and Satry Sayarath to Trevor and Kimberly Barrientos, 2405 Washington Ave., Findlay, $135,000.
Coroner’s Reports

From the public records of Hancock County Coroner Dr. Mark Fox:
Brent Yunker, 36, of Findlay, died May 26 of an intra-oral shotgun wound to the head. Final ruling: suicide.
Mark Woodruff, 39, of Findlay, died May 9 of multiple blunt force injuries due to acute alcoholic intoxication. Final ruling: accident.
Tesslyne Terrell, 17, of Fostoria, died May 21 of blunt force trauma to head and torso. Final ruling: accident.
Henry Vela, 52, of Findlay, died March 20 of combined drug toxicity, primarily fentanyl. Final ruling: accident.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


5:13 p.m., Tiffin Avenue, traffic accident.
5:15 p.m., 725 Dayton Ave., rescue call.
5:23 p.m., 1311 Glen Haven Drive, medical assist.
7:51 p.m., 806 Bright Road, medical assist.
8:05 p.m., 1240 Crystal Glen Blvd., emergency medical service call.


12:33 a.m., 139 N. Main St., emergency medical service call.
7:32 a.m., 1717 Medical Blvd., emergency medical service call.
8:39 a.m., 231 McManness Ave., dog rescue in river.
10:05 a.m., East Sandusky Street, traffic accident.
10:29 a.m., 806 Bright Road, emergency medical service call.
11:04 a.m., 806 Bright Road, canceled en route.
11:05 a.m., 1305 Ra-Nik Court, emergency medical service call.
12:25 p.m., 225 Huron Road, emergency medical service call.
12:58 p.m., 2627 Goldenrod Lane, emergency medical service call.
2:40 p.m., 400 W. Main Cross St., emergency medical service call.

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