James E. Barger II

James E. Barger II, 55, of Tiffin, passed away at 9:03 a.m. on Saturday, September 2nd. He was born in Tiffin, Ohio on September 16, 1961 to Jim and Kathleen Barger, of Findlay. James is survived by four children: James E. (Joy) Barger III, Audrey Barger, Michael Barger, and Tess Barger, all of Findlay, both parents, eight siblings, and five grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his son, Jarrod Barger, of Findlay. James spent most of his time in the garden, enjoying God’s creation, especially the incredible honey bee, and studying the Word of God and sharing it with all who would listen. His only hope was that all of mankind would find salvation. He was truly humbled and denied himself, giving all glory to Jesus Christ. His life was a testimony to the hope of salvation through Jesus, which would best be exemplified through James’ own words: “How tenderly compassionate is the blessed Jesus: the disciples were in the middle of a sea during a violent storm and Jesus came out to them walking on top of the water and said ‘be of good cheer it is I, be not afraid’. This is where Peter was saved when he started to sink into the water. What happened right after Jesus pulled him up is so telling: it says that when Jesus and Peter stepped into the boat, the storm ceased and it was calm. This is a picture of the sinner drowning in the storm of sin and crying out to Jesus for salvation. As soon as Jesus steps into your heart the storms will cease. You will be able to walk on the water and not be overtaken again by sin and death. This is God’s will for you.” There will be a visitation on Sunday, September 17th from 2-4 p.m. at College First Church of God in Findlay (1100 N. Main Street); a ceremony will immediately follow at the same location, with Pastor Casey Whitaker officiating.
All floral arrangements can be sent to the James Barger II family at 1100 N. Main Street, Findlay.


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