Pharmacists Urged Not To Assist US Executions

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Human rights groups are urging the American Pharmacists Association to ban members from assisting in executions.

The groups include Amnesty International, the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union. They are targeting the use of so-called compounded versions of drugs, which are not federally regulated.

Numerous drug makers have put their products off limits for executions. As supplies dry up, compounded drugs have been used in Missouri and Texas executions and considered by other states. Critics say the unregulated make-up of the drugs means they could cause inmates to suffer.

The groups have asked the pharmacists association to consider the ban at its annual meeting beginning Friday in Orlando, Fla.

Michelle Spinnler, an association spokeswoman, says it’s unlikely the group would consider the request this year because it has a long policy-development process.



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