Jury Reaches Verdict In Trial Of Ohio Businessman

CLEVELAND (AP) — The jury has reached a verdict in the federal court case of a businessman accused of making illegal campaign contributions to two prominent Ohio Republican politicians.

The verdict was expected to be announced Monday afternoon. Jurors were on their second day of deliberations.

Government prosecutors have accused northeast Ohio businessman Ben Suarez of using employees, relatives and others to donate $100,000 each to U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci’s (reh-NAY’-seez) 2012 congressional campaign and state Treasurer Josh Mandel’s (man-DEHLZ’) failed U.S. Senate bid.

A prosecutor said the 72-year-old North Canton businessman bundled the donations hoping the politicians would help with a consumer protection complaint in California.

Defense attorneys say the telemarketing millionaire made a mistake but didn’t willfully break the law.



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