Ohio Libertarians tossed from ballot eye GOP ties

COLUMBUS (AP) — Libertarians in Ohio are crying foul after learning a Republican consultant and appointee of Gov. John Kasich was responsible for hiring the law firm whose challenge pushed two of their candidates off Ohio’s statewide ballot.

Terry Casey worked for Kasich’s 2010 campaign, and the governor has since appointed him chair of the state personnel review board.

Casey’s role hiring Zeiger, Tigges & Little emerged in a case where Libertarians are asking federal Judge Michael Watson to restore governor candidate Charlie Earl and attorney general candidate Steven Linnabary to November’s ballot.

The party also says Brad Smith, who oversaw the disqualification hearing, didn’t disclose he’d worked for Ohio’s Republican attorney general.

Libertarians want a trial expedited on grounds the disqualifications were partisan.

Casey said Libertarian petitions were tossed legitimately.



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