Letters to the Editor 07-29-16

Kent Hampton, whose memorial service will be conducted tomorrow, was among the leaders, if not the principal leader, in preserving Marathon Oil Co. and, consequently, the city of Findlay as we know it.
Kent was Marathon’s general counsel on Oct. 30, 1981, when Mobil Oil Corp. made what was perceived to be a hostile takeover bid for Marathon Oil Co.
His leadership successfully thwarted Mobil’s bid by prompting United States Steel to step in the breach as a “white knight.”
Marathon Oil, now operating separately as Marathon Petroleum Corp., was preserved.
Kent, who died July 23 at age 96, left us with a legacy of unknown proportions for, under his leadership, he preserved for us and future generations Marathon Petroleum Corp. and its positive and lasting imprint on Findlay.
Thank you very much, Kent Hampton.
George M. Whitson

Several weeks ago, I intoned on this page that often process is as important, if not more so, than content.
My point could not have been made more poignant than Donald Trump’s comment this week concerning the reported Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email server.
Frankly, I had to chuckle to myself and quietly utter “Yes!” with fist pump. What a coup!
In his press conference, Trump stole the thunder from Hillary on her big day and turned the lights on himself. He shamed the media by pointing out that they are no longer the watchdog of the nation, as they should be, but instead are a shill for the hard left of this and other countries, notably the EU.
I’m sure Trump presumed: Why not the Russians? They know everything, anyway, thanks to Hillary’s world class and unpunished email negligence.
When Ohio State beat Alabama in 2014 I quietly uttered, “Yes!” with fist pump. Finally, payback for years of disrespect and frustration. The win to me was bigger than the national championship.
Likewise, and no less sweet, Trump’s comment was payback to the Clintons, the progressives and DNC for their years of calumny and arrogant despotism.
Marshall McLuhan once noted “The Media is the Massage” (or message!). Donald Trump is one win away from the national championship in playing that game.
Michael Janton

TRUMPZILLA: The more voltage you throw at him, the bigger he gets!
Mark Haas

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