Letters to the Editor 01-20-18

Who set new trends and redefined the year 2017?
Was it Pope Francis, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, special counsel Robert Mueller, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Chinese President Xi Jinping, or U.S. President Donald Trump?
For me, it was undeniably, irrefutably President Trump! This one man stopped being a follower in world events and immediately started leading.
The United States became a nation again, and how about our booming economy? Some think it’s Obama’s. However, we God- and gun-loving deplorables aren’t that ill-informed.
Once President Trump took office, he promised to make America great again, and every day this past year it’s happened. Our military, veterans, law officers, farmers, factory workers, businesses are waking up daily to a renewed America and it feels fantastic!
Here’s a tiny sampling of Trump’s first-year accomplishments:
• Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court (nation-saving move)
• GDP approaching 4 percent
• S&P 500 up 19 percent, Nasdaq up 28 percent, Dow up 25 percent
• Consumer confidence at 17-year high
• Unemployment at 17-year low
• Deregulation: Canceled/delayed 1,500-plus regulations
• Tax reform bill (Note to pathetic Pelosi: A married couple making $75K with two dependents will pay $3,400 less tax in 2018, which is not crumbs or in any way pathetic. Your statements make you appear totally out of touch with my reality.)
I know the #NeverTrumpers and especially those who voted for Clinton take great exception with Trump’s demeanor, vulgarity and bullish talk. I get it! But we right-thinking people tried statesman McCain and nice guy Romney, and lost. We’re in a cultural war, and that’s why I want a fighter.
The liberal media along with corrupt politicians, both Republican and Democratic, don’t want this man or this country to succeed. Why? It’s simple: 2018 will be the year Trump takes down the deep state criminal network in Washington, D.C., and we should support him and pray for him.
By the way, my choice for 2017 Woman of the Year is U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.
Rick Rodabaugh
Mount Blanchard

Some of those who write letters to the editor discussing socialism may want to research its structure and functions.
America has been a socialist/capitalist country for decades. The political/economic system in America is a “mixed economy.”
Some elements of capitalism exist within a structure of control and regulation by government. Federal, state and local governments run, produce and distribute several services and products.
Progressives/Democrats have no interest in turning private businesses into government and publicly-run businesses.
Trump attacks the media and uses Fox News (the Trump Channel) as propaganda to promote his fascist/capitalist government.
Conservative evangelical Christians traded faith for political power and sold their faithfulness to Trump. Trump and his Republican Congress are controlling the economy using tax reform and deregulating corporate and banking regulations.
The right wing promotes capitalism run by rules made up by the right-wing Congress and powerful corporations to increase their wealth — the poor and middle classes get leftovers.
Trump’s huge tax cuts for the rich make inequality greater, with powerful corporations, a Republican Congress and Trump in charge.
Trump is doing an exceptional job making China great again. Since Trump took over, China has become the number one world’s economy. Because Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and science, China is now number one in science and technology.
Trump’s policies attack the EPA rather than polluters.
He is frightened and hateful of people of color or different religions. Trump and his royal family, Ivanka, Kushner, Donald Jr. and Eric, occupants of the White House, are governing America like a monarchy.
The Republican Party is terrified of Trump. His revenge, threats and hatred protect his fragile, self-absorbed, over-inflated image. Unfortunately, 36 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s values of hatred, cruelty, vengeance and racism.
The Republican Congress and administration are self-destructing to protect Trump.
In contrast, progressives/Democrats believe the Constitution is law of the land. Democrats/progressives offer advancements in science, technology and economic development, environmental and consumer protections, ethnic and cultural diversity, and accessible health care.
Don Iliff

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