Letters to the Editor 11-25-15

On behalf of all the people who rode Hancock Area Transportation Service (HATS) last Friday, I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to First Federal Bank of Findlay.
First Federal sponsored a “Free Fare Friday” event as part of a “pay it forward” program. This generosity touched many people and brought smiles to many faces.
A total of 143 trips were made possible through this kind donation. Transportation is a critical need and without it people can face loss of employment, missed medical treatment, diminished social life and in some cases, loss of independence.
HATS provides safe public transportation services and helps Hancock County residents maintain their independence and meet their daily needs.
At a time when families and friends are gathering to give thanks, it is important to acknowledge the businesses and organizations that are working all year long to make our community better.
So “HATS off” to First Federal Bank!
Laurie Collins
HATS transportation director

The words Trump and integrity go hand-in-hand. We started around 10 years ago to do business with the Trump Organization LLC, long before Donald decided to run for president of the United States.
We supply thousands of hats/caps to his golf courses and to his headquarters at Trump Tower in New York City. He has commented that we have the best hats/caps he has ever seen.
We also have done business with many Fortune 500 corporations in the U.S. and with several located here in Ohio. Some demand to do business by using letters of credit, which is supposed to protect both the buyer and seller. But it is a lot of red tape and, on many occasions, our buyer would use every excuse in the book not to release the payment for at least 90-plus days.
Normally, we give most customers 30-day terms to pay their bills and, on many occasions, it takes several phone calls after their 30 days for them to settle up.
The Trump Organization has always paid its bills in 21 days or less, which makes it one of our best customers.
It’s sometimes the little good things you never read or hear about.
L. Kent Rogers

President Obama’s remarks on IS have taken me by surprise. He talks like he has no idea how to deal with this threat the country is exposed to.
There is nothing IS can do to bring about the downfall of the U.S.? We need for our government to protect all of us. Not to light candles and put out teddy bears after an attack.
We lost over 2,000 people in the 9/11 attacks. We must not get in the mindset that we can afford to have Americans killed in a random act of terror.
The government’s role is to protect people, not to have people depend on the government for protection. The Democrats have no idea how to deal with this threat. We must elect people who are not afraid to hurt the feelings of IS. We must never accept being OK with two or three hundred people killed or injured at any time.
We need real leaders, with real ideas how to destroy this threat we live with.
Jim Killebrew

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