Letters to the Editor 11-18-17

The failure of the sales tax proposal was the culmination of a perfect storm in local politics.
Former and current commissioners bought and sold downtown property, proposed tearing down the old county home, screwed up the county garage, mismanaged Litter Landing, spent money studying and re-studying flooding problems with no results, and couldn’t decide on how to proceed with the proposed sales tax, and then imposed a part of the tax they wanted, but baited the public with the “safety” story.
All of this, on top of the fiasco of the city’s Main Street “revitalization” project, created a perfect storm that they couldn’t survive.
In short, I believe that both city and county administrators have put a taste of mistrust in the minds of the public that will take great effort to erase, especially the way council is sneaking in a pay raise at a time the public can’t demonstrate their displeasure at the polls.
The proposed improvements at the jail and probate court have been needed for several years but, for reasons known only to the administrations, were delayed. Perhaps the delay was to heighten a sense of urgency that could be expressed in hopes of encouraging a sympathetic positive vote.
Had not some of the previously mentioned “problems” occurred, perhaps this ploy might have worked.
Until both administrations demonstrate that they have an interest in actually performing the service for which they have been elected and thereby restore public trust, I see a very hard road for all future tax proposals.
I think this attitude of “NO TAXES” might even spread to our school board, as they, too, have done some questionable things in the not-so-distant past, such as buying a place for the bus garage, only to find out that they couldn’t build what they had planned, and the musical chairs played with school board offices.
It is time for those in charge to set aside their inflated egos and act as professional administrators doing what is best for their constituents, the city and the county.
Don Kinn

In Thursday’s “Courier’s View,” the editorial starts off by stating that Findlay City Council members deserve pay raises, but toward the end calls council’s actions “bad government.”
Bad government does not deserve anything but the door out.
As in my last and many other letters, if you want bad behavior, reward it and you will get what you pay for.
Council should wait until the next election cycle to propose their own pay increase.
Jim Stahl

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