Letters to the Editor 09-28-16

Findlay and Hancock County are blessed to have a facility for seniors like 50 North. I would like to urge the voters of Hancock County to support the levy that is on the ballot.
For those who are 50 or older and have not visited 50 North, I encourage you to do so. They offer a variety of programs and classes to appeal to many interests. They encourage you to continue doing things you have always enjoyed and maybe try your hand at something you have never done.
The fitness center, while small in comparison to the commercial gyms, has all of the various equipment to work on whatever part of your body needs it. The fitness center directors are always available to help you in creating your workout.
They also offer reasonably priced breakfasts and lunches. In addition to the activities and programs offered on site, they also offer mobile meals, chore services, and grocery shopping for those 50 and older that are not able to get out.
Once you have visited 50 North, you will find, as have I, that the staff from top to bottom see their jobs as more than a paycheck. They are truly committed to enriching lives and supporting independence.
For those of you that are south of 50, you will be 50 quicker than you think. Please vote yes for the levy. It will be an investment in our community for years to come.
Ron Rush
rural Findlay

Last week’s column “corn ethanol is a climate-control scandal” was full of half-truths and downright lies about the ethanol industry. It was authored by a New York think tank funded by oil.
Study after study has shown that global production of biofuels like ethanol reduces greenhouse gases by an amount equal to removing nearly 20 million cars from the road each year. The only studies, such as the one referenced in last week’s column, that show otherwise are those that were funded directly by the American Petroleum Institute.
This is a fact the column conveniently left out.
The column also mocks biofuels like ethanol as a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil. The truth is we’re blessed by strong oil and ethanol industries in Ohio.
You don’t have to be a cheerleader of either industry to see that every gallon of ethanol or oil produced here in the state means one less gallon from overseas.
That’s a goal everyone should support.
I encourage Courier readers to do their research before basing their opinions on biased newspaper columns.
Art Thomas
general manager

And here we are “One nation under God,” working hard to keep our families safe, teaching our children that bullying is wrong. Yet here we are ready to elect the biggest bully our country has ever had, Donald Trump.
Be afraid, America. Be very afraid.
Pat Angus

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