Letters to the Editor 11-22-14

It was a great displeasure the moment when I read The Courier reporting on how successful is the operation of the sun farming on the west side of Findlay.
I got the impression that some liberal reporter wrote that piece of information and the higher-ups at my favorite newspaper didn’t double-check the facts.
I also noticed the lack of information concerning the environment. For instance, it doesn’t say if any birds have been fried during flight (“flamers”).
But what concerns me the most was the impact such kind of reporting did for the Alaska pipeline. I’m pretty sure it had an impact on how the Senate voted to defeat this great project. Nothing leads me to believe that the one vote needed for passage wasn’t there because of your reporting.
We (I have a mouse in my pocket), the true conservatives, decry this sort of news and will rather see it suppressed, especially when two or three days later I saw the news about another sun farm in California, where things are not going so well.
That made me wonder, where is sunnier, Ohio or the West Coast? Are the liberals getting poised for another bailout? Should we start digging into our pockets and dish out more money?
Again, I’d like to ask the bigwigs at The Courier to check the facts more thoroughly and be on the alert. Maybe there is a liberal mole working in your newsroom.
Eligio L. Sierra

President Obama has stated previously he doesn’t have the authority to make laws. Now, he is attempting to do so while knowing it’s an abuse of the office of the president.
The recent Republican victory was against his policies, his edicts. But he stubbornly and arrogantly proceeds.
Both he and his attorney general injected race and threw gas on the fire in Ferguson, Missouri.
He told them to “hold the course.” He sounds like a bully picking a fight. What if he is?
What if he’s trying to stir up people who feast on the message of racism like Al Sharpton?
He is also stirring up patriotic Americans who will reach their boiling point. God forbid it would come to such. This president sought the council of Sharpton, the “race baiter” in chief who is as unstable as water.
Is this president trying to bring about such chaos that he will then call for martial law?
I pray Congress and the Supreme Court will stop this lawless leader, a man who promised the most transparent administration ever, said “You can keep your doctor,” and told too many other lies to mention in this limited opportunity.
Congress is in process of suing the president for his power grab. They have hired an expert in constitutional law, who is a liberal who also voted for Obama to pursue this issue.
People of his own party are opening their eyes.
Wayne Baldridge

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