Letters to the Editor 05-28-16

After reading the article, “Building one entrance for court buildings could cost over $3M” in Wednesday’s Courier, I think in this era of the need for heightened security, the time has come to move Dorney Plaza away from the courthouse area.
Security is a real concern when it comes to courthouses. The courthouse, municipal building, and the probate and juvenile court should have improved, shared security.
Most cities don’t have a large public space mingled with a courthouse/government center because of real security concerns. Domestic and criminal cases can have some inherent and sudden danger involved caused by high tension and emotions.
I would hate to see or hear about someone getting seriously hurt or killed because they were enjoying a public event in Dorney Plaza at the same time a criminal escapes custody, someone takes extreme exception to losing custody of their kids, or someone is tired of being told by the city what they can’t do with their property.
Dorney Plaza was created by closing two streets off that surrounded the courthouse, so the name could be moved to another piece of property downtown.
How about filling one of the gaping holes left by tearing down the flood-damaged buildings near the Main Street bridge?
I know the city and county won’t spend $3 million so people can use a bridge over a secure corridor. Let’s move the plaza so the money they want to save goes to better security for the users of the courthouse, municipal building, and the probate and juvenile court.
Doug Berger

On May 24, The Courier’s View reviewed the status of the flood project and correctly framed the options. It concluded that the project begs direction and leadership.
Since then, the mayor has announced that project funding is dead in the water, so to speak, by way of federal dollars.
So now we look to local funding and dreaming. The usual hangers-on all allowed that we gotta do something.
What I gather is not to put all our eggs in one basket. What insight. What a concept. Who knew?
At this same meeting, Safety-Service Director Paul Schmelzer once again lashed out by accusing a whole bunch of people of “grandstanding,” mostly women seeking clarity of the project of the murky Blanchard.
The mayor needs to put a muzzle on her attack dog, suggest he try to be nice to folks who try to exercise their First Amendment right to petition their government.
Whatever solution is accomplished will require collaboration, not picking fights with and insulting constituents.
Unfortunately, this brings us full circle to the original goal for new and better leadership. Unfortunately, right now the monkeys are running the zoo.
Robert J. Kuhlman

The New York Times said that President Obama had made a decree that all bathrooms in public schools must be made transgender.
I didn’t know we had a bathroom-monitor-in-chief for a king.
But know this, like Daniel of the Old Testament, I bow to no decree. I’m an American and I bow to no king — except the king of kings. I believe no bible but the King James Bible.
The Bible does not call it “gay” or “LGBT.” It calls it sodomy and according to Scripture, it is an abomination in his sight. Abomination is a sin that brings down nations.
I also don’t bow to Charles Barkley, Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, Campbell’s Soup, the NFL, the NBA, Target, Wal-Mart, Disney or Hollywood. If I have to stand alone, I will.
Obama campaigned that marriage is between one man and one woman, then lifted the “gay” ban in the military. He put openly sodomite commanders in charge of our military.
When the Supreme Court rendered their narrow decision, he lit up the White House with a rainbow. By the way, a rainbow doesn’t signify homosexual rights. It’s God’s promise that he won’t again destroy the world with water. Next time, it’s fire.
Some will say I’m spouting “hate speech.” It’s love, telling truth about a damning sin. Jesus loved you so much that he died for you and me. He’s the only one who can save us.
I wonder if freedom of opinion and thought is what’s really being discriminated against — from an administration using the IRS to target those who take a biblical stand, and using the Justice Department to threaten those who deny global warming.
I believe in global warming and when it comes to Israel, God has a warning for you, Mr. President, Hillary Clinton, and the United Nations.
Daniel McDonald

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