Letters to the Editor 08-25-16

After waiting for six months, we finally met with the Wood County sheriff about my husband’s bicycle death by an impaired driver on Jan. 16.
The sheriff did seem to know that Eric had died, but he didn’t have an answer to any question we asked. I didn’t realize that he was solely a public relations employee. I figured he was the supervisor of the four officers who’d been at the scene and couldn’t put two and two together.
We also found out that alcohol wasn’t the only thing they hadn’t considered as the cause. No cause was considered. He hadn’t even seen the dash cam, which is very damning in that the driver pulls a packet of something white from deep in his pocket and puts it in his waistband, among other odd behaviors.
I’ll gladly share the dash cam footage with the press. It’s my property now.
By the way, I declared that the driver was impaired because of his own admission that he had been drinking all night and that he was unsure how many he’d had, but so many that he felt “uncomfortable driving.”
He didn’t see the bicyclists? Eric was 6-foot-5 and 280 pounds, wearing a red Ohio State hoodie with the hood over the helmet. Call him a “billboard,” call him whatever you wish. His nickname was Omar, the tent maker.
Our lawyer is worried that I won’t have closure, that I’ll be unsure about what really happened. The facts are absolute. The driver was wasted and the officers blew it. Case closed.
And a damn shame, I might add.
Margaret Ramlow

“I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.”
— Christopher Hitchens
Sadly, The Courier has once again made me question what is news to this newspaper? On Friday, The Courier did a nice piece on the opening day at the Miracle Park, albeit one that could be taken mostly from a website, but still informative and appreciated.
With great expectation, I awaited the coverage of the actual event. A story on how the smiles of the children playing touched the over 500 people in attendance. An interview with players and parents on what this incredible jewel that exists in Findlay means to them.
Or, how from the playground to the field, it has to be seen to truly appreciate where $1.6 million of city, foundation, business and individual donor funds were spent. Perhaps even a picture. What a novel thought.
No, the blockbuster local story on the front page was “Homesickness often part of freshman experience.” Who knew? Seriously, what’s next? “Lindbergh makes it to Paris”? Obviously, in a cut-and-paste, internet world, actual reporting of news takes more time and effort.
There is so much more that The Courier could be besides a thesaurus-lovers Docket and home for the biblically-correct Letters to the Editor.
I would think, as readership declines for all newspapers, there would be an even bigger push for live community coverage. Not just telling us what is going to happen, but what actually happened.
Thanks again for the article on Friday. It is your loss that you were not there on Saturday. However, the biggest losers were your readers that there was not a Monday article. That is news.
Mike Peak

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