Letters to the Editor 08-29-15

Are we wasting our time? Good question! I have written seven letters to The Lima News, The Findlay Courier, The Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune, The Toledo Blade, Dr. Mazey, and to Dr. Patrick Pauken.
I suspect that it is all in vain. I suspect the decision was made long before anyone at the public television station or anyone in the public-at-large was even aware of the possibility of closing the station.
Why would I suspect this? I taught math at Shawnee High School for 30 years, and I have at least some understanding of teaching and learning.
Keeping something as valuable as this TV station open is a simple concept. How can it take four meetings with the public (many letters to the media, many letters to trustees and many letters to BGSU officials) to get across the simple idea, “Do not close this station.”
I wonder about one other aspect of “why even consider” the closing of the station. Will we see a $40 million building going up in the next few years? Will this building have a special name on it?
Like the name of Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey. The TV station is sold into darkness so one person can have the legacy she wants? That would be sad indeed. Just wondering.
George H. Haver

“Show me, don’t tell me” (Don Iliff letter, Aug. 21) is a statement that can work both ways.
What are you doing to help? It is people like you that give good Christians a bad name.
I know a lot of good Christians and I know some that claim to be a Christian.
There are a lot of people that call themselves Christians, but they don’t act like Christians and are probably not Christians.
Just because they go to church or call themselves Christians doesn’t make them a Christian.
A good, honest Christian does the work and the words of Jesus. We feed people and we help everyone that we can. A true Christian loves everyone, and that includes you.
I know of four people who claim to be Christians but have told more lies than anyone that I know. They are your president, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Jim Carter, the Jew hater.
So claiming to be something doesn’t mean that you are.
You claim to be intelligent, but are not showing you are. If you were that smart you would look into something, instead of your own thinking.
Get a life.
Bill Smith

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