Letters to the Editor 06-27-16

The Democrats’ sit-in was an attempt to have a vote on the gun control proposals that Speaker Ryan and the GOP House leadership refuse to consider.
It was a win-win for the Democrats. If Ryan refuses to put the measures up for a vote then the GOP is seen as not caring about mass shootings. Or, if the measures were up for a vote and the GOP voted it down as expected — the GOP is heartless about children being murdered by automatic rifles that are easier to get than an abortion.
The difference is Ryan and the GOP are thinking that refusing to do its job is better than being on record as being heartless about children being murdered.
The sit-in wasn’t any more “silly” than the GOP getting to actually vote more than 60 times to repeal “Obamacare.” But at least they got to vote on it — something they refuse to do for the gun control proposals.
The GOP had blocked pretty much anything proposed by President Obama and refuses to hold a confirmation hearing for Judge Merrick Garland much less even a vote to confirm him to the Supreme Court.
What exactly has the House accomplished this year? A name for a post office. That’s pretty much it.
By the way, no one will be calling Findlay’s post office “The Michael Oxley Memorial Post Office.”
The House plans to be in session only 111 days this year and has recessed until after July 4th.
Doug Berger

Let’s put a couple of facts out to the readers since The Courier, also known as The Washington Post, won’t.
The NRA is made up of U.S. citizens, grandparents, parents and their children.
The NRA is also the oldest and largest civil rights group in America with over five million members. The NRA has always stood behind our military, law enforcement, and law-abiding citizens.
The NRA has always promoted gun safety.
Obama and others talk about common sense gun laws. There are over 20,000 gun laws already in the books. Which one is the one that is going to stop a terrorist or murderer intent on killing?
Why is the NRA, the legal gun owners, or even the gun itself at fault everytime a mass murder happens?
Obama, Eric Holder, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran a gun scandal (Fast & Furious) between 2006-2011 where over 2,000 guns were sold illegally to the mexican drug cartel.
Those same guns were found at the scene of over 150 civilian murders including a U.S. border patrol (Brian Terry). Obama invokes executive privilege, Holder is held in contempt of Congress and Hillary doesn’t have to answer any questions.
So, the next time you hear the NRA, just remember law abiding citizens standing up for America, and standing against terrorists, murderers, and corrupt politicians!
Stephen Lafountain

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