Letters to the Editor 9-13-14


This letter is in reference to what Hancock Common Pleas Court Judge Joseph Niemeyer said (Page A3 story, Aug. 22), when he sentenced Nicholas Rarey.
The judge commented that marijuana is a stepping stone to more addicting drugs and that it eventually leads to an unsuccessful future.
He’s right and the Findlay community will not tolerate addicts’ behavior because an addict’s motivation is to get money at all costs. A reaction is happening and its ripple effect is affecting a long laundry list of people who have been harmed.
Marijuana is now more accessible than ever (I can even get it and I’m in prison) and is also the most debatable known substance.
Questions arise like: Can it be a cure? Is it profitable? Is it a good idea to legalize it? Is it addicting, and will it become a problem?
Addicts who move on to harder drugs will get worse in time and marijuana will have always played a role. It’s right there in the addiction timeline of an addict.
Marijuana is even a topic amongst our government. The future of weed is unknown but I know I will not fall back into addiction.
From my experience with drugs, I, along with Narcotics Anonymous members, came to a conclusion that addiction comes down to self-control and willpower.
There are people, programs, counseling, meetings, sponsors and God that will provide more than enough help. But it takes work, effort, determination and strong willpower to overcome an addiction.
Believe me, I put in my work. So, fellow addicts, take this bit of advice: It works if you work it.
Joshua P. Young
Allen Correctional Institution, Lima

Why all the hoopla over an Indian headdress that will be lost or destroyed within a couple of days by the kids who received them?
I am of Indian descent, and, as far as being demeaning or anti-Indian, I see nothing wrong with the headdresses.
Besides, we have more to worry about than that since it’s getting to be a politically correct society instead of a moral one.
The Bible is ignored by more and more so-called Christians. Because of political correctness, Jesus is just a trumped up deity who has no place in this modern world.
But I’ve got news for you: God is not dead and he will pass judgement on you, and you won’t be able to avoid it unless you realize your sinful nature and repent.
This is what people should be worried about instead of whether you are offending someone.
William Stock Findlay

“This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.
“To fight for the right, without question or pause. To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.” — Joe Dirion
My trouble-shooting engineers and I have many causes, not just one. Right now in history, we have the only plan to make a lot of things right.
As Nikola Tesla’s patents are being, released by our government we are gobbling them up, making it easier for us to accomplish goals that will stand the self-sufficient industry on its ear.
It’s a new direction and one we should have gone 140 years ago.
Any race team or business of any kind is only as good as its top troubleshooter. We have the best in many categories.
Talk about running where the brave dare not go, we are taking on missions some have died doing.
I have stated before that sometimes the greatest ideas can only be accomplished when the time is right.
Our friends that died, coming out with inventions at the wrong time, may not have had the options some inventors have had in the past. Right now, the common people know too much. We know it is time to end our senseless war on drugs, oil, and being the rulers of this planet.
I will not rest until all of our quests have been conquered: Stamping out world hunger, getting our freedom and liberty back, wiping drag strips, uncapped metal guard rails off the face of this earth, and just as important, eliminating the tyranny over the minds of man.
These are all things that must be done.
Terry Cook

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