Letters to the Editor 07-29-15

Recently, President Obama stood beside the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, and publicly promoted gay rights.
This he did against the wishes of the Kenyan president and the Bible-believing Christians and pastors of that sovereign country. Christians make up 80 percent of the Kenyan population. Kenyan Christians base their faith and morals on Christ and the Bible.
How utterly illogical that some people in America use a new way to define Christian that contradicts the Bible and Christ.
What makes it worse is a large group of pastors had asked Obama not to bring up gay rights previous to his arrival.
Where does our president think he has the right to tell Kenya what they should do and what they should believe?
It was only recently, when running for the office, he declared to Rick Warren, and the nation, he believed in one-man, one-woman marriage. That’s just one of many revisions America has been bamboozled by.
Our president obviously doesn’t believe any truth is absolute. If marriage isn’t sacred, absolute truth as described by the Bible, what is?
Is Obama brave for flaunting his new unwelcomed message to Kenyans?
If you believe that, I’ll sell you a bridge in New York State. When President Obama takes his brave message to any Muslim country, I’ll give you that bridge.
Courageous or cowardly? You choose. I’m praying, declaring my faith and patriotism, and voting.
Wake up, America!
Wayne Baldridge

Tear down Dorney Plaza and the Berlin Wall.
This would give parking to the government buildings and downtown. This is something that (L. Dale) Dorney would truly approve of.
David Oman
rural Findlay

Jeff Ede (letter, July 18) stated: “With our world accepting things such as abortion, same-sex marriage and other evils, it shouldn’t be surprising that Christians are attacked as they are standing up for righteousness.”
Barbara J. Rice (letter, July 1) told us: “We have seen it down through history. Evil prevails because ‘good’ people do nothing.”
Likewise, William Stock (letter, July 1) states: “Same-sex marriage is against God’s law and man’s law cannot change that.”
Ede seems unable, or unwilling, to realize that his so-called standing up for the righteousness is nothing more than him attacking other people for not believing as he does.
Rice seems to see herself as the “good” people, and others as evil, once again because they do not believe as she does.
Stock does not understand, I suppose, that he lives his entire life under man’s law. Should he break man’s law, he will probably go to jail, and his God will do nothing on his behalf to stop his incarceration.
It might be said those Christian folks can’t see the forest for the trees. However, the sad part is, I really don’t think they wish to.
Jim Brant

I don’t know if I could summon up the courage to vote for Trump, but I’m sure enjoying seeing the establishment squirm and give out their self-righteous condemnation of “The Donald.”
Trump has tons of money and a boatload of bravado, and the rest of the field seems at a loss how to cope with someone who says what he thinks and can’t be brought to task, yet.
I am so sick to my stomach of political correctness I don’t know what to do.
Most of the Republican field suffers from the ailments of the stomach and back problems, no guts and no spine.
How do seemingly honest and caring people suddenly turn into the people we see in government now who do not seem to care enough to do right?
I don’t like Trump’s personality and braggadocio much, but, under the right circumstances, he could go all the way. Could you imagine “The Donald” dealing with Congress and diplomats?
It should be a very interesting next few months while this settles out a little bit.
Go Donald, go Donald!
I haven’t finished my rant yet. I’ll be back.
Bill Malone

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