Letters to the Editor 03-31-15

Becky Stockard (letter, March 27) is some kind of researcher to have amassed all those facts and figures on the doings of the ADAMHS board.
Either that, or I would have to assume that Stockard also is feeding at the public trough of taxpayer dollars to be privy to all those statistics and numbers.
Now about those line items in the ADAMHS board budget. I am very curious and interested in that “1 percent on miscellaneous expenses,” she quotes. Would it be the line for the $30,000 yearly contract to the consultant hired to “guide” them through the system for setting up recovery houses?
This dude from Pennsylvania is pulling down a cool 30 grand a year from Hancock County and is undoubtedly “guiding” other counties in Ohio as well.
Do the math. All this money for a program that ADAMHS Executive Director Precia Stuby refuses to follow anyway. What a waste.
Or, would the miscellaneous expenses be where the board would have stashed the $10,000 for the Steve Cady dog-and-pony show that the ministerial association saved their bacon on by picking up the tab?
Now Stuby is contemplating hiring a public relations firm to blanket the community with information, from the board’s perspective, of course, so we will be so thoroughly indoctrinated as to offer up no resistance when she strikes again.
You remember, Stuby views the least bit of transparency in her actions as a mistake she will not make again. Her words.
Is there even a modicum of common sense on this board? Save Our Neighborhoods has never been about denying succor and services to the most needy among us.
One thing we are about, and will remain firm on, is fixing the lack of responsibility, communication and transparency at the ADAMHS board.
Janet Quarrie

As a political science student at the University of Findlay, I can safely say that Anne Spence is the right candidate for Findlay city auditor.
In spring of 2014, Anne was my professor for public policy and I gained a myriad of knowledge in that class because of Anne’s remarkable teaching style and her vast knowledge on the subject.
Anne did something many other professors couldn’t. She was able to invite a vast pool of diverse speakers to come and address our class and answer questions. She also expressed a wide variety of knowledge on local Findlay politics and public concerns in the Findlay area.
I had the honor of interning with Anne at Special Kids Therapy last summer, and I saw firsthand her professional and passionate demeanor toward her work. The same passion and professionalism she would give to the Findlay auditor’s office.
Anne Spence has been an influential person in my life and I believe she can have a greater impact on Findlay. She is a true believer in hard work and accountability. She is the woman for the job.
Vote Anne Spence for city auditor.
Preston Eberlyn

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