Letters to the Editor 11-28-14

Acting now to ensure a more prosperous future for Ohio is easy when the path to that future is clear. Fortunately, that’s the case now: Current facts, consumer trends, and economic indicators all point to investment in broadband infrastructure as a key to our state’s future.
And right now, our legislators in Columbus are considering a bill that would increase that investment as well as promote easier and more reliable access to high-speed Internet service all across the state.
Access to high-speed Internet service has become essential for people and businesses in Ohio, and ensuring widespread access to 21st century connectivity will help our state compete.
Ohioans have already figured this out, and they’re embracing enhanced connectivity and benefiting from today’s devices and networks that help them achieve more, learn more, and enjoy more.
The Ohio Telecom Association reports that 71 percent of Ohio households subscribe to high-speed Internet service. Ohio residents are increasingly switching to wireless devices, including smartphones, and they’re eliminating traditional landline service in favor of the advanced communication technologies that meet today’s needs. This growing consumer demand is more than a measure of how tech-savvy we are: It’s also a market signal calling for more private sector investment into broadband.
Our economic outlook is directly related to broadband infrastructure, which means that our policymakers can work to place Ohio in a better position — one that allows us all to reap the benefits of the digital age and the new economy. And right now, this work is underway in Columbus. An important bill, HB 490, passed in the House last week and will now be considered in the Senate. Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow urges our state senators to support this bill because it would update telecom rules in Ohio, modernize our network infrastructure, make our state more attractive to new and current businesses, protect consumers, and encourage increased investment in broadband networks throughout the state.
We can follow the path toward a brighter future for Ohio by taking action today. If you support easier, more reliable access to high-speed Internet and increased job creation throughout the state, then please take action. Visit http://action.tech4ohio.org for more information and to learn how to contact your state senator.
Emily Williams
interim executive director, Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow

I was watching the news Monday out of Toledo, and they were talking about gas prices being the lowest in like, forever.
They said this was a nice gift for the Thanksgiving holiday. Then Tuesday, I was out early and saw that indeed gas prices were down in Findlay.
But within a couple of hours, no more Thanksgiving gift for us. Prices were up 20 to 30 cents a gallon here. I’m just glad that I didn’t fill my truck in Findlay, as I had to go to Toledo Tuesday and filled it there for $2.59 a gallon.
I did find the reason for higher gas prices in Findlay. Fox News said that President Obama was behind higher gas prices in our town.
Well there you have it, the rest of the story.
Robert Schoonover
Benton Ridge

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