Letters to the Editor 02-12-16

In Monday’s article (Courier, A3), “County commissioner challenged,” John Harrington says he is running for commissioner to rid the city and county of “dirty politics.”
Lying and misleading the public in order to gain political acceptance is the dirtiest trick of all.
It is obvious Mr. Harrington has trouble with facts.
In the article, he states: “I will not move my company outside of Hancock County as my opponent did, thus losing current and future jobs and income and property tax revenues to Wyandot County.”
As rebutted by Commissioner Robertson, Harrington’s statement is a flat-out falsehood.
A simple search for Robertson’s business Web page reveals an address on Industrial Drive, Findlay, Ohio. If he needs further evidence, the 50,000-plus-square-foot building on this site is hard to miss.
This leads me to two questions: Did someone feed that information to Mr. Harrington and was he too lazy to verify it as incorrect? Or did Mr. Harrington just flat-out lie?
If the answer is ineptness, will Mr. Harrington ever be able to think for himself or will he have to be told by his advisers what to say and/or how to proceed with each issue?
If the answer is dishonesty, what else has Mr. Harrington said to intentionally mislead the public?
Neither trait instills my trust in him as a public officeholder.
I will continue to support Commissioner Brian Robertson.
Vicki Jurkiewicz

I am supporting Tracy Coldren for Hancock County recorder.
My job requires me to be in the recorder’s office nearly every day. I am a title examiner and have searched titles for over 30 years.
When you buy, sell or mortgage your home, a title search is done to protect you and the lender.
The job of the recorder is to ensure that all of the land records are accurate, protected and available to the public.
Tracy Coldren has worked in the recorder’s office for 15 years and knows the importance of this job. Her experience and knowledge will guarantee a smooth transition for the role of Hancock County recorder.
Join me in a vote for Tracy Coldren for Hancock County recorder.
Betsy Stacy

Recent cockfighting busts in Youngstown and one just last weekend in Lynn Grove, Kentucky, demonstrate that cockfighting is happening in these communities.
The only way to stop it in Ohio is for lawmakers to pass HB 215 to make cockfighting a felony.
For any law to be effective, the consequences of criminal behavior must be greater than the profit. Otherwise, crime really does pay.
The penalty for cockfighting in Ohio is among the weakest in the nation. The people arrested in Youngstown face maximum penalties of a fine of up to $250 and 30 days in jail. But at cockfights, tens of thousands of dollars change hands, so only felony-level penalties will truly deter participants.
A weak law has made Ohio a safe haven for cockfighters. They even have a trade group, the Ohio Gamefowl Breeders Association, and a political action committee. Their representatives regularly lobby against animal cruelty bills.
Ohioans agree that cockfighting is repugnant and has no place in the state. It’s time for legislators to pass HB 215 and pull up the welcome mat for cockfighters.
Leighann Lassiter
director of animal cruelty policy for The Humane Society of the United States

This letter is in reply to James Karcher (letter, Feb. 8), sharing his opposition to Putnam County Republican sheriff candidate Brian Siefker’s political contributions.
Karcher fails to mention that he is a Democrat, serving on the Columbus Grove Council.
Karcher is the boss of Nick Gilgenbach. Gilgenbach is the Republican candidate running against Siefker in the March primary.
Karcher is not the first Columbus Grove official to write letters concerning Republican candidates. Columbus Grove Mayor Ken Wright, an independent, wrote letters to many local papers supporting candidate Mike Lammers and opposing Republican Commissioner Travis Jerwers.
Wright and Karcher are not Republicans, yet they are telling Republicans how to vote. Why?
The Putnam County Republican Party should be very concerned as to why Columbus Grove officials Karcher and Wright are writing letters, interfering in a Putnam County Republican election.
What are they hoping to gain, who put them up to it, and what promises have been made? This is dirty politics at its best.
Gilgenbach and Lammers do not meet the standards of the Putnam County Republican Party. Because of that, they need to reach out to non-Republicans to do their campaigning and letter writing.
Don’t forget Lammers was an independent candidate four years ago. Putnam County Republicans are smart. They will not vote for candidates such as Gilgenbach and Lammers, who along with other Putnam County backstabbers, try to discredit the Republican Party and a fine, decent human being.
Trying to win at any cost can be costly.
Sheriff candidate Brian Siefker has a huge Republican support system in Putnam County. He does not have media experts from Bowling Green, speechwriters and lawyers to help with his campaign. He has local friends and family to help him.
That’s the Putnam County way.
Dianna Miller
Fort Jennings

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