Letters to the Editor 07-25-14

My wife and I are walkers and bicyclists. We try to do as many of our errands as possible this way.
But there is something that we have noticed that needs attention.
With the Wal-Mart on Trenton Avenue, having a rear entrance off of Howard Street, there are no sidewalks to use after crossing under Interstate 75.
There is quite a bit of foot traffic on this street, which makes people walk on the edge of the road.
With the construction on the overpass at Trenton Avenue, traffic has increased dramatically. The shoulders on the road have not been mowed, so there is no place to get off the road.
What would it take to get a sidewalk or bike path, like the one on Lima Avenue? This connects West Park with the rest of the city with a safe way to travel.
When the university is in session, foot traffic is heavier along Howard Street and a lot of drivers don’t pay enough attention to pedestrians.
I believe it’s time to address the sidewalk issue in this area.
Marvin Hall

Talk about being so bored, the only thing you can find to do is slice up an America flag! (Page A1, July 22)
It’s hard for me to believe anyone could, or would want to, destroy our symbol of freedom!
We know our flags are burned in foreign countries, but that’s out-and-out hatred for the United States.
I love my flag. I fly it on every patriotic occasion and sometimes when I just feel like it!
To me, the flag stands for freedom, as I said before, and love of country. My country, your country, our country!
If, and when, they catch the guilty party, and I won’t hold my breath, I hope they make them write the “Pledge of Allegiance” 100 times.
Maybe, just maybe, they might understand what this flag means to me and so many other “good Americans.”
Donna Trenor

I was so angry when I saw in the newspaper (Page A1, July 22) what was done to the American flags in downtown Findlay.
The ignorance and the defacing of the flag make those who did this deserters of their own country.
To deface the flag is unspeakable.
I hope and pray these people are caught.
My family and friends died to protect that flag, which represents the freedoms of all Americans.
Those who fought and died deserve respect.
I will always respect the American flag. Many are still dying for the freedom to fly the flag.
Rosa Hernandez

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