Letters to the Editor 01-21-17

I attended the City Council appropriations meeting last Thursday.
Ethical leaders follow consistent process and procedure to ensure fair representation of the communities they serve.
Unfortunately, City Council Appropriations Committee Chair Ron Monday must have forgotten this as he chaired a $10 million city appropriations request without vetting it through a full City Council committee-of-the-whole.
Instead, Councilman Monday, the mayor and service/safety director limited its review to only a few select council members. This makes me wonder whom councilman Monday thinks he is working for?
I witnessed this oversight being pointed out to Monday immediately prior to the appropriations meeting. However, rather than follow process and cancel the meeting, Monday simply stated “We’ll have it anyway and figure it out later.”
It cannot be overstated that only City Council can appropriate monies to the various city projects proposed by the administration. This is the check and balance of local government that is absolutely crucial to assure that our communities’ interests are supported with funding.
Secondly, and even more disturbing, was that Monday allowed Councilman Harrington to submit a rubber stamp vote of approval despite the fact that he left midway through the appropriations meeting. I believe this to be a very serious failure to follow process.
So, to be clear — an inappropriate vote was cast at a meeting that should not have been held and allowed by a committee chair that apparently didn’t understand the process. And thus, the community voice was not heard or represented.
Findlay deserves better than this. We deserve ethical leadership that understands and adheres to the process of government.
Adherence to the process helps assure that the community voice is first!
Tom Ross

Reading comprehension skills lacking, Don Waaland (letter, Jan. 18)? I did not say nor did I imply that those who think heterosexual marriages are a domestic enemy to the country.
Those who hate civil rights, those who think civil rights are not “entitlements.” that is who I was referring to as domestic terrorists.
How soon an old white guy seems to forget the treatment of blacks for over 200 years in this country, the treatment of Irish immigrants, the treatment of Asian immigrants, the treatment of Native Americans. All had old white guys as yourself placing a lessor value on their lives than your own. All were told they were not “entitled” to equal protections under the Constitution.
As well, how ridiculous of you to say, conservatives “tweak” the Constitution, liberals “change it.” Really! That Constitution you refer to, which I swore to defend and protect with my life by signing my name four different times, says you and I can have all the religious “freedom” we so desire. It also demands our religions are not used to pass laws on our society. It demands your religion is no greater than the next guy’s religion.
Why is that so hard to understand? Could it be because you think you can “tweak” it to meet your unconstitutional ideals? I’m not sure where you come up with different definitions for words unless you mean when Republicans think their opinion carries the same weight as liberal facts. By all means, keep your religion, in your heart, in your life, and out of our government!
Douglas Breiholz

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