Letters to the Editor 10-23-14

I have spent the last 16 years serving many wonderful people in Putnam, Allen, and Hancock counties. I was happy getting to know my customers while helping them.
In any retail establishment, we were told to always be polite and friendly to the customers under all circumstances. “The customer is always right,” but this, too, often leads customers to think they can treat retail clerks any way they want. Clerks have to take it or risk customer complaints and/or punishment from management.
As I am no longer in retail, I can say this without fear of retaliation.
You are no better than the people who stock the shelves. Treat us the way you want to be treated. Don’t cuss at us. Ever. We do not know everything about the store, especially in departments on the other side of the store. You will be helped, but do not treat us as idiots.
You may not be the only customer we are helping, so please be patient.
We know when you steal the grapes. Tasting them before buying is OK; stealing a handful is not. And please don’t change your mind when we are halfway through filling your order and then get mad at us because we didn’t read your mind.
Please do not take your anger at your indecisive spouse out on us. If a product is featured on a national TV show, it will sell out early. Do not expect all ad items to still be on the shelves at 10 p.m. on the last day of the sale.
Be aware of your surroundings. You are not the only person who needs to get down the aisle. If you need to get something from the shelf directly in front of us, say “excuse me,” before you reach in and grab it.
Please don’t make a mess of a display and then stand and stare while we try to straighten it back up. You are adults. We are not your moms. Clean up after yourselves.
Despite all this, I have enjoyed the last 16 years. Thank you to all my customers. You have made my life interesting to say the least.
Joey Hoffman

I am writing about a very big concern I have. I was recently in attendance of a funeral procession in Findlay.
During the drive to the gravesite, there were several vehicles that refused to pull off to the side. There were even a few vehicles that pulled into the middle of the procession.
First, this is highly disrespectful. Secondly, it is very dangerous.
What happened to people’s integrity?! I have witnessed this also in the past couple years. At one point people in the procession were getting honked at and yelled at.
What is wrong with people? Have we lost all respect for everything?
Kim Roy

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