Letters to the Editor 10-22-16

Carla Morse (letter, Oct. 17) makes some interesting points for Christians who have some difficulty with the choices in this election. Many Christians, however, would draw an opposite conclusion.
Their reasons might be stated with some slight editing of the original letter, as follows: For those Christians who are struggling with the decision of whether or not to vote in the presidential election, I was reminded recently that God uses imperfect people to accomplish God’s purposes.
Rahab was a prostitute, yet she helped God’s people conquer Jericho and became an ancestor in Jesus’ family tree. Esther married a pagan king, broke the rules of the harem, and used her beauty to charm the king in order to save from destruction God’s people who lived in Persia.
I am wondering if it is possible that God is using another imperfect person in this election to prevent a Donald Trump administration.
1. It is troubling to think that a person who demeans and belittles anyone who disagrees with him, challenges him, opposes him, or questions him will be able to work with Congress, handle the sensitive work of worldwide diplomacy with friend and foe, or allow the freedom of the press and free expression that are so basic to our constitution.
2. His proposed tax cuts for the wealthy would balloon the national debt in ways troubling to fiscal conservatives and further the gap between the 1 percent and the 99 percent.
3. His dishonesty is on display in every speech he makes, making unfounded charges and statements that have no basis in fact and are often directly contradicted by clear evidence.
Either he or Hillary Clinton will become our president. There is no other choice. I believe that my failure to vote for an “imperfect person” will allow Mr. Trump to cause the kind of damage to our country that he has already caused in the Republican Party.
We may all be uneasy about the outcome, but I can’t help but think that a predictable Hillary is much safer than a volatile and unpredictable Trump.
Arthur Wilde

Well, I heard it again on the news, another Hollywood celeb says they are going to leave this country if Donald Trump gets elected.
Well, slap me naked and hide my clothes. These spoiled, rich, arrogant people make me want to vomit! They have never had it so good.
Why don’t they just do us all a favor and leave? You know the old saying, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.”
I will do my very best to struggle and suffer on after they are gone. Maybe Hillary will leave, too. Just saying.
Ed Holmes

After watching all three of the presidential debates and the vice presidential debate, I am amazed that no question was asked of either presidential candidate about religious freedom.
Yes, a question was put to both Tim Kaine and Mike Pence about how faith informs their lives and also how both have wrestled with tough issues regarding faith when both served as governors.
But no question was asked of either of the presidential candidates in the debates about the role faith plays in their lives.
No question was asked of either candidate about the persecution that Christians are experiencing here in the United States for not supporting the LGBT movement.
No question was asked about the Christian persecution that continues to happen around the world at the hands of ISIS and other extremist organizations.
No question was asked about how the Constitution speaks to religious liberty, but does not say anything about erotic liberty. The absence of these questions about faith, persecution, and religious liberty show that we are indeed a post-Christian nation.
Christianity no longer holds a favored position in the U.S.
During this election season, in addition to questions about the economy, immigration, to name a few, let’s also talk about the freedom of religion and what that might look like under a Trump presidency or a Clinton presidency.
Matt Shive

Voting a straight party ticket, whether it be Democratic or Republican, by using the slate cards the party provides to voters ensures that the career politicians always win, but never turns out well for the people.
Each candidate is different in their knowledge, thinking, and grasp of the situation, not to mention career politicians who get caught up in power, greed, money, and pleasing the party to remain in office. It is never wise to let the party do your thinking and processing for you.
It is entirely possible for socialist, Marxist, and communist candidates to infiltrate and run for office in either party. It has happened.
For instance, if you Google Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, you can find many articles about their radical ties to communism, and involvement with it in various ways. In fact, one article says the Communist Party USA is all in for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Many of our past presidents of both political parties have had ties to the Communist Party.
Apparently, the only thing they can find out about Donald Trump is private locker room talk from 11 years ago.
The more the media and the establishment Republicans and Democrats try to bring down Trump, that should be a signal to people that he is exactly who we need to elect. What about all of Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades with stains found on a blue dress and cigars used for purposes other than smoking, and in the Oval Office, no less.
Give me a break, and, to you Rob Portman, you have just lost my vote as well as any other Republican politician who tries to tell me not to vote for Trump. To voice your opinion to Portman, you can reach him at 202-224-3353 and you might be able to leave a message, since he has no one taking messages at any of his offices.
It is your duty to be an informed voting citizen and you might consider running for political office to begin to weed out the political robots that will only think and do what the parties tell them.
Sharon Stilipec
rural Findlay

I am a resident of the Wyandot County Nursing Home in Upper Sandusky and our television service only gets (Republican) Fox News. No CNN. No (Democrat) MSNBC. Just Fox, Fox, Fox!
I’ve had enough Fox News for the rest of my life.
C. William Sandridge
Upper Sandusky

Similar to the editorial in The Courier declining a chance to endorse Trump, Steve Deace wrote in the Conservative Review to fellow Christian leaders that if they are supporting Trump, or flirting with doing so, they are playing a dangerous game.
Deace wrote that there is no moral, biblical, or strategic case for doing so. Trump lies, is deceitful, gossips and committed adultery. Trump disrespects and shows prejudice against women, religions and minorities, as well as mocking the disabled.
Mr. Baldridge (letter, Oct. 18) wants to protect the Constitution. Hillary supports the constitutional right of women to choose. She has said many times that she supports a ban on late-term abortions, including partial-birth abortions.
It may be news to some that America was established under the Constitution, not Christianity. Our founding forefathers had the good sense of establishing the First Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting making of any law respecting an establishment of religion. Fortunately, the Constitution protects me from Baldridge and Rice’s religions (letters, Oct. 18).
In defense of Trump’s behaviors, Rice states that God doesn’t propose to judge a man until he is dead. Trump supporters accuse Hillary of being a liar and a crook. I guess God gives Republicans the job of judging Hillary Clinton.
In the same letter, Rice states we need to protect the Constitution. Evidently, she isn’t aware of Article VI, that no federal officeholder can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office.
Deace compared Trump to Ahab of the Bible: obsessed with power. A person getting gratification from admiring his physical and mental features; whose only belief is the golden rule: he who has the gold makes the rules. The author wrote: Christian leaders will be compromising everything they claim to believe in by supporting a man who represents everything Christians oppose. Trump is a way God is punishing Republicans who scam voters and kneel before the rich giving leftovers to the poor and middle classes.
Don Iliff

As a pastor for over 40 years, I have had the opportunity to know people who have held offices in communities where I have served. Unlike any other time in my life, I am compelled to share my thoughts about Dennis Cupp, who is running for Putnam County sheriff.
I have known Dennis for 22 years. I count it an honor to be his pastor and friend. We have worked together in various community activities, as well as in the First Christian Church. Dennis is one of six elders, leaders whom I rely on for the spiritual development of the congregation. Over the years, I have needed to come to Dennis to seek encouragement, wisdom, and advice on matters important to the life of the church. Dennis has never failed me in his assistance.
I believe that I have gotten to know the heart of this man. Dennis desires to serve, not just his God but his community.
Like many young boys who wanted to grow up to be a cop, Dennis followed through on his calling and has excelled in all areas. He earned a degree in law enforcement and his first job was with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, serving for 15 years. Knowing that he needed additional experience to become a better law enforcement officer, Dennis transitioned from a deputy to a criminal investigator for the state fire marshal’s office, serving there for 18 years. When the opportunity for him to serve Leipsic as the police chief became available, he accepted the position, knowing that it was important to understand the administrative side of a department. He has served in this position nearly seven years.
What I appreciate the most about Dennis is that he is consistent in the way he lives his life in the church and in the community. I have seen him in action and his walk is always consistent with his talk.
Dennis is the right man for sheriff of Putnam County. Please give him your support on Nov. 8.
Tim Eding

I find it interesting that so many letters to the editor from Republican Christians tend to speak as though their views represent all Christians. Christians are not a monolithic group even among evangelicals, and not all Christians are Republicans.
I’m a Christian Democrat who believes that principled pluralism of America applies not just to politics but to religion as well.
The split today in religion is no longer between Catholics and Protestants, but between the ethics of doctrinal Christians and Samaritan Christians. The former believe more narrowly in a literal interpretation of the Bible based dominantly on absolute beliefs that they alone are saved, abortion is murder, and a single party, Republicans, represents their best interests
I was raised as a Catholic, who at the time were mostly Democrats, and also believed that only Catholics were saved, and in the event the choice was between saving only the mother or only the child, the mother was sacrificed. The church’s views have evolved so these beliefs are no longer supported by church doctrine, while placing more emphasis on the good Samaritan gospel based on the gospel of social actions (and The Sermon on the Mount).
These pluralistic forms of Christianity are best exemplified by Pope Benedict’s focus on church doctrine and Pope Francis’ focus on the social gospel. These are not mutually exclusive, but neither are they totally reconcilable. The strict doctrine wing tends to be more exclusive, while the social gospel wing tends to be more inclusive. Each can be differently good depending on recognition that neither wing is exempt from sin or the need to love, forgive and have faith, while avoiding the absolute belief that they alone are righteous.
Tom Murphy

Media coverage of the major parties is massive. It would be more informative for readers if editors included third-party candidates in this coverage.
The Courier devoted nearly half a page of information on a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate on Thursday, but very seldom reports on other parties.
Surely, the newspaper has the space to include current information on the Libertarian and Green party candidates every time they run blather on Clinton vs. Trump and their parties.
Naomi Cherry

Hillary Clinton wrote a thesis about Saul Alinsky while at Wellesley College. She was, and still is, an admirer of Alinsky. In 1993, the White House requested that Wellesley College not release her thesis and it complied.
The eight levels of control on how to create a socialist state, and “Rules for Radicals,” by Saul Alinsky are:
• Control health care so you can control the people.
• Increase the poverty level as high as possible because poor people are easier to control if you provide them with the necessities. They don’t fight back.
• Increase the debt to an unsustainable level so taxes can be increased and produce more poverty.
• Take guns away from the public so they can’t protect themselves from government, and a police state can be created.
• Increase welfare and take over every aspect of their living needs such as food, housing, and income.
• Take control of what children learn in school, aka Common Core.
• Remove God from government and schools.
• Divide the people into wealthy and poor because this will cause discontent, and will be easier to tax wealthier people which includes the middle class, too.
Obama practiced all of the above during his presidency and is a great advocate of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” too.
By the way, anyone with a smartphone or computer access can find the same stuff with just the touch of a button. It is no secret nor is it a conspiracy, just fact. The transformation of our country is just about complete, so you get to decide who you want running the country.
Please vote wisely, and make our country great again.
Mary Jo Boes
rural Fostoria

Have you heard?
The Toronto Blue Jays have announced that they will not accept the results of the ALC playoff. They are claiming that the series was rigged because the mainstream sports media was biased against them and wanted the Indians to win.
They also have accused the Indians of playing 10 men in game five (alleging that the extra man was an illegal immigrant), despite the total lack of evidence.
It’s also been reported that some Toronto fans stood over Indians fans in the cheap-seat sections of their stadium, intimidating them so much that they got up and left.
Russ Wright

Sounds like Donald Trump has his own scandal, “Grope-gate.” What’s the grope number now? Would he like his wife groped?
The rooster may crow, but the hen delivers the goods. Hey roosters, when the hens say no, back off! Also, hens, behave yourselves.
Sounds like liar, liar pants-on-fire, again. I can’t remember such a nasty campaign in my time.
And what’s happened to the presidential candidates addressing each other as sir, Mr., senator, congressman, governor, mayor, general or secretary?
Bill Geckle

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