Just ask: How much is our airport utilized?

Q: What are the usage statistics for Findlay’s airport and what size of airplanes use it? How is the airport funded? — Cheryl D. Miller, Findlay.
A: The city doesn’t count all takeoffs and landings because the airport is not staffed all the time. But the Federal Aviation Administration estimates about 25,000 arrivals/departures a year.
With the north-south runway, 18/36, at nearly 6,500 feet long, the airport can handle from single- and multi-propeller aircraft to corporate jets.
It is supported through fuel sales, hangar rent, and farming rent. A city subsidy is needed occasionally, and Marathon Petroleum Corp. and Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. contribute to it.
“The airport is a vital asset for corporate users, and has also accommodated five presidential/vice presidential visits to the area in the last 25 years,” said city Safety-Service Director Paul E. Schmelzer.
Bob Johnston is airport manager.
Q: We do not have cable TV. We have a traditional antenna. Could The Courier publish the TV listings for (21 channels) in Lima, Toledo, Bowling Green and Findlay? — Richard L. Inbody, Arlington.
A: We’d like to publish all TV listings, but ever-expanding cable and satellite systems, and traditional over-the-air broadcasts, make it impossible to sort them out and display them economically.
Also, advertisers have shown little interest in TV listings in recent years, and many newspapers don’t publish them at all. — Editor Peter Mattiace.
Q: Who were up for the part of Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with The Wind” (1939) that went to Vivien Leigh?
A: Also-rans included Katherine Hepburn, Loretta Young, Helen Hays, Lana Turner and Lucille Ball. — randomfacts.com.
Q: Can someone buy citizenship in another country?
A: You can be Maltese for $865,000 cash, Cypriot for a $4.4 million investment there, or Austrian for a $10 million investment.
Some Caribbean countries are cheaper. St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda, ask for $250,000 cash, but the Dominican Republic gets just $100,000 cash.
But don’t snicker at those rubes. An investor visa to the United States costs a “$1 million investment in a U.S. business employing at least 10 people, or $500,000 in designated economically depressed areas.”
Then, it takes at least two years for a permanent residence visa and at least five years for U.S. citizenship. — Slate.
Q: What are this year’s “words” by Lake Superior State University?
A: The 39th annual “Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness” is led by “selfie,” which describes taking your own picture.
Others are twerk, hashtag, twittersphere, Obamacare, fan base, and any word ending in -ageddon. — Detroit Free Press via Martha Esbin, “Librarian’s Muse” blog, Toledo.
Q: Who was the Mary of Maryland?
A: She was the Queen consort Henrietta Maria of France (1609-1669), wife of King Charles I of Great Britain.

Q: What did book publisher Bennett Cerf (1898-1971) say?
A: “Middle age is when your old classmates are so gray and wrinkled and bald they don’t recognize you.”
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