Why were Civil War cannons moved?

Q: A large picture in the library shows the Hancock County Courthouse in the 1920s or 1930s and, on its front lawn, a Civil War monument with four cannons. Are those now in Maple Grove Cemetery? If so, when and why were they moved? — Larry Tombaugh, Findlay.
A: They are the same.
There were moved during work on the courthouse sometime after World War II (1945) and before the city’s sesquicentennial celebration (1962). Neither cemetery nor county officials know for sure.
By the way, a fountain also on the courthouse lawn was removed at the same time because pranksters kept putting detergent in it, requiring county workers to clean it constantly. — Mark Donaldson, Hancock Historical Museum.
Q: What are the five images on the awning of RCM Architects’ offices in downtown Findlay? — Shirley Pepple, Findlay.
A: They represent Findlay buildings and the firm’s “areas of focus.”
From left, they are the First Presbyterian Church, for church buildings; Blanchard Valley Hospital, medical buildings; Hancock County Courthouse, public/nonprofit buildings; a generic office building, corporate buildings; and Old Main at the University of Findlay, educational buildings. — W. Jerry Murray, president.
Q: When reporting from a rural area, why does the media often refer to their location only by the township, such as Madison Township? Without a county, this isn’t much help since there are many like-named townships. — Tom Orwick, Findlay.
A: You’re right. Reporters should include the county if there is any possibility of confusion about the township involved. — Editor Peter Mattiace.
Q: They’ve moved heavy equipment into the field north of Hillcrest Golf Course, Findlay, and I think they’re laying pipe. I assume it has to do with work on I-75. What’s up? — Tom Draut, Liberty Township.
A: The work is on private property and doesn’t involve I-75, said Rhonda Pees, Ohio Department of Transportation.
Q: What does it cost us to mint a penny?
A: 1.8 cents.
Q: OK, what does it cost Canada to mint a penny?
A: It stopped minting pennies last year when its cost hit 1.6 cents. — Martha Esbin.
Q: Do many acts of terrorism go unclaimed?
A: Yes. Only 14 percent of more than 45,000 terroristic acts since 1998 were followed by credible claims, according to the University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database.
This includes high-profile attacks on airports and airplanes.
Terrorists may not claim responsibility because the act has their desired result, such as bombings right before an election. Or, they don’t know how to communicate safely, or they don’t have good contacts with news outlets.
Hezbollah, for example, claims fewer than half of its acts of terrorism. It usually admits to attacks on Israeli Defense Forces, which please its supporters, but not to those on other anti-Israeli groups. — Brian Palmer, Slate.
Q: What does “Missouri” mean?
A: It’s Algonquian for “river of the big canoes.”
Q: Time for a baseball quote!
A: “The man says ‘play ball,’ not ‘work ball,’ you know.” — Willie Stargell (1940-2001).
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