Will mural be preserved?

Q: Are there plans to preserve the mural at the Hancock County War Memorial at Main and Center streets, Findlay? It’s badly weathering at the bottom. I’d hate to see it ruined. — C.J.M., Findlay.
A: Memorial association President Roger Neff is working with building owner Jamie Miller on refurbishing it.
George Masonry Restoration is preparing three estimates to fix separate problems, particularly on the bottom. Then, the association will raise money.
The mural cost $20,000 when artist Oscar Velasquez painted it in 1995. He is working on a new mural on the First Federal Bank building. — Roger Neff.
Q: Who sang the opening of “The Golden Girls”? — J.D. Smith, Findlay.
A: Los Angeles studio singer Cynthia Fee did “Thank You for Being a Friend,” written by singer-songwriter Andrew Gold in 1978.
Fee has sung in many television commercials and on at least two albums, “Cindy Fee” and “Young at Heart: Swingin’ Songs for Kids of All Ages.”
“The Golden Girls” aired for 177 episodes on NBC-TV between 1985 and 1992. — Various sources.
Q: This is Older Americans Month. Where do most live?
A: By state: Florida, 18.2 percent of population; Maine, 17 percent; West Virginia, 16.8 percent.
By locale: Sumter, Florida, 49.3 percent; Charlotte, Florida, 36 percent; La Paz, Arizona, 34.9 percent.
Before you just ask, the fewest percentage of seniors live in Alaska, 8.5 percent; and in Chattahoochee, Georgia, 3.6 percent. — U.S. Census Bureau, 2012 figures.
Q: What were actress Joan Crawford’s last words (1977), to a housekeeper praying aloud?
A: “Dammit. Don’t you dare ask God to help me.”
Q: Is “antidisestablishmentarianism” the longest word in our language?
A: No, it’s apparently “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” a lung disease caused by silica dust. — dictionary.com.
Q: Where did the term “Mayday” come from?
A: The universal distress call came from the French word m’aidez, or “Help me!”, in the 1920s.
Q: Who led the singing of “La Marseillaise” in “Casablanca” (1942)?
A: It was actress Madeleine LeBeau, 90, the movie’s last living actor and herself a French refugee at the time. Her tears were real.

Q: How did “frog” become a dismissive term for French people?
A: No one knows. Many say it refers to the French preference for frog legs.
Some say the English first used the word for the Dutch in their marshlands, then switched frogs to the French, who raised Paris from their own marshes.
Others say France’s enemies on the battlefield thought the fleur de lis on the French flag looked like a frog. And it’s said earlier flags actually depicted frogs.
Whatever the reason, most credit/blame the English for it all. — Various sources.

Q: And what did Mark Twain say about the French?
A: “By the last census, it appears every Frenchman over 16 years old and under 116 has at least one wife to whom he has not been married. This occasions a good deal of what we call crime and the French call sociability.”
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