Were there Indian mounds in our area?

Q: Did the settlers find Indian mounds in our area?
A: Yes. Just in Hancock County, they found three northeast of Canonsburg in Union Township, two in Orange Township, and one each in Liberty, Pleasant, Blanchard and Delaware townships.
The Orange and Union townships mounds were opened. Settlers found “human remains in each mound, also flint arrowheads and other implements of stone…”
All of the mounds in this region were about five feet high and about 30 feet in diameter.
“No doubt many more small mounds once existed in other townships of Hancock County which the plow has long since obliterated.” — “History of Hancock County,” 1903; Mark Donaldson, Hancock Historical Museum, Findlay.

Q: If a foreign airliner flies, say, from Toronto to Mexico City, can it just fly over the United States?
A: Yes, with a flight plan, of course. The Federal Aviation Administration also charges an “overflight fee” to help pay for its air-traffic control services.
Foreign airlines pay $49.95 for each 100 nautical miles flown over U.S. territory, and $20.09 for each 100 nautical miles flown over U.S.-air-controlled seas. The latter extends into the Atlantic Ocean and nearly across the Pacific.
In October, fees will go up $6.91 and $1.54, respectively. Most flights are over or near land for safety, even if they just skirt the United States.
Aviation radar websites show it’s routine for, say, Russian airliners to fly over the eastern United States en route between Moscow and Havana.
Aeroflot Flight 150, for example, makes the 13-hour trip five times a week and often flies over Maine, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina and Florida.
By the way, Cuba has a surprisingly liberal overflight policy, often giving a free pass to non-commercial American pilots flying on vacation or to air events.
U.S. pilots must apply directly to the Cuban government and, if a fee is required, pay in advance in euros through a bank in Panama. — Federal Register, FlightAware, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Aeroflot.

Q: When I am reading the eCourier, how do I get to thecourier.com?
A: Simply click on the banner that says “The Courier” on the top left or on the icon that looks like a house or says “home.” They are links to thecourier.com.

Q: What did Thomas Jefferson think of George Washington?
A: “His mind was great and powerful, without being of the very first order; his penetration strong, though not so acute as that of a Newton, Bacon, or Locke; and as far as he saw, no judgment was ever sounder. It was slow in operation, being little aided by invention or imagination, but sure in conclusion.” — dictionary.com.

Q: How old is actress Sally Kellerman?
A: M*A*S*H’s “Hot Lips” Houlihan turns 78 today.

Q: One octopus, two…?
A: Octopuses or octopi. — dictionary.com.

Q: What were Ohio’s most popular baby names last year?
A: For girls: Emma, Sophia, Ava, Olivia, Isabella.
For boys: Liam, Mason, Noah, William, Jacob. — Social Security Administration.

Q: What did Mark Twain (1835-1910) say?
A: “We all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking.”
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