When is arts center work set to begin?

Q: When is work to begin on the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts? I thought it was to be April. — Mark H. Donaldson Jr., Findlay.
A: The ceremonial ground-breaking is tomorrow morning.
But, “construction began in April with the demolition of the existing stagehouse and other site preparation work. Most of the work…took place inside the building. There was little to be seen from the outside,” said Chairman Ed Reading.
“Recently, there were a few weeks where construction…paused to finish up some other important work, such as permitting and work to utilities. Construction crews are again actively at work on the site.” — Brandon Daniels, Marathon Petroleum Co. LP.

Q: What is a cygnet?
A: To most of us, it’s a village of 600-plus just off Interstate 75 in Wood County.
To birders and others, it is a young swan.
The word comes from the Latin cygnus, meaning “swan,” plus the diminutive suffix “-et.”
The word swan comes from the Old Norse svanr and its related German, schwan. — dictionary.com.
Q: Remember comedian “Professor” Irwin Corey?
A: “The world’s foremost authority” turns 100 years old tomorrow. He lives in New York and still pushes his routines on his website.

Q: Is it true the government sought “escort services for unaccompanied alien children” in January? If so, how did it know there would be this influx of Central American children?
A: It did seek them. But, there had been a sharp increase in unaccompanied children from Central America since 2011 and the government predicted still more this year. — FactCheck.org, Annenberg Public Policy Center.
Q: Whatever happened to the actors who played Fred and Ethel in “I Love Lucy”?
A: William Frawley was a vaudeville, movie, and stage actor before Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz cast him as landlord Fred Mertz in “I Love Lucy” in 1951.
Vivian Vance, who played Ethel, his wife, also was a Broadway and movie actress.
They clicked on TV, but they hated each other.
Vance, 25 years Frawley’s junior, was unhappy being cast as his wife. Also, Frawley was known as a drunk and a crank.
Frawley returned the enmity, which was so deep that Vance turned down a Mertzes’ spinoff with Frawley in 1960.
“I Love Lucy” had 181 episodes between 1951 and 1957, and, of course, is a reruns mainstay.
Frawley went on to play granddad “Bub” O’Casey in 165 episodes of “My Three Sons,” with Fred MacMurray, from 1960 to 1965.
Frawley, born in Burlington, Iowa, dropped dead of a heart attack on a Los Angeles street corner in 1966. He was 79.
Vance played Vivian Bagley on “The Lucy Show” from 1962 to 1965, and did some Broadway.
Born in Cherryvale, Kansas, she died of cancer in Belvedere, California, a San Francisco suburb, in 1979. She was 70. — Philadelphia Daily News, various sources.
Q: Have some words without a rhyme?
A: Bulb, orange, angel, silver, month. — dictionary.com.

Q: What did Mark Twain (1835-1910) say?
A: “Ah, well, I am a great and sublime fool. But, then I am God’s fool, and all his work must be contemplated with respect.”
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