Hancock County Young Guns team shoots right on target

This has been another good year for the Hancock County Young Guns trapshooting team. The Ohio State Shoot proved once again that desire and practice can result in a positive performance.
The rookie division netted the Young Guns first place with a score of 490 out of a possible 625 targets. They captured the win after being tied at the end of the 500 match targets and winning the shoot-off by breaking seven more targets than their competition.
The intermediate advanced division targeted second place with 947 breaks out of 1,000 targets, losing the match by eight targets. The junior varsity division took third place, breaking 922 of 1,000 targets, being outpaced for the first-place spot by 24 targets.
Individual awards included: Riley Busch, Lady High Gun Rookie Division 72/100; Evan Barr, Runner up High Gun Intermediate Division 195/200; Sydney Plesec, Lady High Gun Intermediate Division 181/200; Summer Gobrecht, High Gun Junior Varsity Division 194/200. It’s important to note that Gobrecht outshot the boys in the Ohio competition.
The Young Guns are in the process of recruiting next year’s members and a youth trapshooting clinic is scheduled to be held at Findlay’s Jaqua’s Gun Club in September. Anyone interested can contact Louie Scheiderer, head coach/president at 567-429-9644 or by emailing louiescheiderer@icloud.com.
Along the Way:
While it’s easy to express our opinions about how wildlife is managed, it’s far more important to become involved in the details which result in seasons, bag limits, hunting methods and zones. The Ohio Division of Wildlife offers opportunities for active hunters to supply information that will be used to formulate regulations and game management plans.
Wildlife officials are currently asking hunters to fill out a brief online survey to assist in their efforts to get a solid estimate on the current wild turkey population and assess the success of the most recent breeding season. The survey will be available until Aug. 31.
“More than 3,000 turkeys were reported during the 2013 survey, with an average of 2.54 young turkeys (poults) per adult hen turkey. This average was slightly higher than the long-term average of 2.5 poults per adult hen. Turkey populations are usually higher the next year when more poults are seen per hen,” reports the Division of Wildlife.
Ohio’s reintroduction efforts of live-trapped wild turkeys have been incredibly successful, but monitoring and appropriate management is important to ensure the future of Ben Franklin’s favorite national bird candidate.
You can find results from previous surveys online at http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov. The Division of Wildlife has been tracking summer turkey observations since 1962.
Step Outside:
• Ohio’s new Hunting Digest is now available from the Division of Wildlife. Copies can be found anywhere hunting and fishing licenses are sold and at the Wildlife District 2 Headquarters, 952 Lima Ave., Findlay. Information is also available at www.wildohio.com.
• A lottery drawing will be held for an adults-only deer hunt during a portion of the statewide deer gun season. It will take place in sections of Edison Woods MetroPark in Berlin Heights. Contact Tara Nagaich at 419-625-7783 ext.236.
• The deer hunter survey is still available for your input. It’s open to all Ohio deer hunters who have hunted antlerless deer (regardless if they were successful or not) over the last three years. Find the survey at www.wildohio.gov.
• Beginning Aug. 4, all UCOA club activities, including all ranges and pond access, are suspended and grounds closed for a reclamation project. The closure is expected to last 10 days. Check www.ucoa-findlay.com for updates.
• Today: Steel Challenge Shoot, 10 a.m., HCCL, 13748 Jackson Township 168, Findlay.
• Aug. 16: No Child Left Indoors, free for kids ages 6-17, 5:30 p.m., Oakwoods Nature Preserve, Findlay. To register: 419-722-6771 or meplesec@coopertire.com.
Abrams is a retired wildlife officer supervisor for the state Division of Wildlife in Findlay. He can be reached at P.O. Box 413, Mount Blanchard, OH 45867-0413 or via email at jimsfieldnotes@aol.com.



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