Make it easy

Anyone who has visited Litter Landing, Hancock County’s home base for most things trash, knows just how popular recycling has become.
Many times, the narrow drive leading to the recycling bins can back up like Wilson’s drive-thru at lunchtime. Timing is everything if you want to make your recycling chore quick work.
While a crowded recycling center is not a bad thing, the county should do everything it can to make Litter Landing better.
That would seem to be the main idea behind hiring Peterman Associates, of Findlay, to design a new building and site plan for the recycling center.
The main challenge with the East Sandusky Street site, of course, is limited space.
While some of the activity there has been lessened by making recycling trailers available at different spots in the county, including schools and churches, many people prefer the Sandusky Street location because it accepts more types of recyclables and because of the convenience.
People recycle because they see it as a benefit to the environment. Others just prefer to cart their trash away rather than pay the garbageman.
Whatever the reason, recycling benefits all taxpayers by reducing the amount of space needed at the county landfill. Expanding the landfill is far more expensive than expanding a recycle center.
The county commissioners had once considered a second Litter Landing on the west side of Findlay, due to the increase of recycling, but that idea, which was a good one, is not currently being pursued.
But, one way or the other, the goal must be to get still more people to recycle and reserve valuable landfill space for non-renewable trash. By making Litter Landing more user-friendly it will, in turn, help the county reach that goal.


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