Letters to the Editor 01-06-14


Hello! It’s snowing out and stupidity reigns in drivers in this town and probably all over!
There are certain steps to take to make sure that you are seen by other drivers and you, in turn, can see them!
First and foremost, clean all your windows off of snow/ice — and especially your front and back windows.
Second, if you take time to scrape them, then take an extra few minutes to swipe the snow from your headlights and tail lights. You walk around the car for the windows, do the lights, too.
It’s amazing how little time it takes and you can see those coming at you, and those behind you can see when you stop! Third, those snowplows are clearing a way for you. They aren’t Tonka trucks that are there to play “dodge ’em” with you and your vehicle. Don’t try to cut between, or in front of them. If you do, you may just become “part of them.”
Leave a little earlier to go to whereever you might need to go so you can drive safely, not only for your own good, but for those who have to watch out for your carelessness!
Oh yes, those who blow snow from their driveways into the streets: You may just get your snow back plus some when the trucks plow. It’s better to try to blow it into your yard.
Remember the mail person. They appreciate clean walks. And don’t forget your neighbors, who may not be able to shovel/plow. Play it forward and help them.
Theresa Huntoon Findlay

The Little Sisters of the Poor are grateful for Justice Sotomayor’s temporary stay of the million dollar fines imposed on the nuns as of Jan. 1 for not providing products and services in direct denial of their deeply held religious beliefs.
The HHS mandate in question requires most employers, including Catholic hospitals, nursing homes, charities, universities and high schools, to provide or facilitate abortion inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization within their health insurance or face bankrupting fines of $100 per day per employee.
At issue is nothing less than America’s religious freedom, assured by the First Amendment and reaffirmed by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which passed Congress with bipartisan support in 1993 under President Clinton.
To assert that women’s health is harmed if the Sisters of the Poor do not provide abortion inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization insults the intelligence of us women and the common sense of all Americans.
This mandate was never proposed as law, never debated, nor voted on by anyone answerable to voters.
If a regulation signed into effect by a government bureaucrat can dictate how much of their religious beliefs Americans are allowed to practice, what will be our next freedom a politician or unelected bureaucrat will decide and deem to be “unfair” or “inconvenient”?
Barbara Samuells Leipsic

Retailers are disappointed this Christmas season. That cannot be a surprise. We are in our nation’s most severe downward spiral with no end in sight. If we ever hit bottom, nobody knows where we go from there.
I have the only plan to stop the spiral and send us in the most positive direction ever. That plan (www.thetopcatplan.com) launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.
It creates enterprises for fuel cell motorcycles, cars, and trucks of all sizes accompanied with the most aerodynamic trailer; green rooftops that supply clean water, heat, cooling, electricity, and food for the buildings while sending no downspout water to the river during times of flooding; environmental fueling stations, supplying the common man with the equipment to make his own energy; hemp charcoalizing stations every 10 miles on the tracks that lead to the ex-coal burning power plant, our own designed manure processor system that does not strip the nutrients while taking the fuel out; and the best designed vertical wind turbines.
We have a million rooftops waiting to be had. Three million dollars would give the Marathon building in Findlay a green roof that would be able to retain 12 inches of rainwater when the system is half full. There will be 10-foot high “hemp-crete” poured walls with a hemp composite cistern lid accompanied with four hemp composite water towers with vertical wind turbines mounted on top.
An elderly lady recently called me to ask why, if hemp and marijuana do so many good things, why nobody had gotten on the bandwagon and capitalized? I told her the rulers have kept it that way resulting in living in a modern-day dark age.
She referred to me as a kook, then said nobody wants to change and that I am just one drummer with one hand beating on one drum and getting nowhere.
She said I should find something else to write about. I told her I have taken on the most important tasks that must be concurred. To do or write about anything else would be extremely anti-climatic.
Terry Cook Findlay


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