Letters to the Editor 01-13-14


Do a person’s values still matter in today’s society?
I have asked myself this question many times since attending the Vanlue school board meeting on Dec. 16. I have both a son and daughter who attend Vanlue High School, my son being part of the high school football team.
The main topic of discussion at the meeting was the future of current football coach Chris Yeater. Many members of the community spoke on behalf of coach Yeater, including myself.
I believe Yeater has the support of those who pay the taxes that allow the school to operate. This opinion being based on those speaking at the meeting, a petition of signatures from supporters, and the activity on a Facebook page — “Support for Coach Yeater.”
If you talk to those who support him, you will hear words like character, work ethic, commitment, responsibility and loyalty. Those are the very same core values considered critical to a person’s success and longevity in every aspect of life.
Coach Yeater works very hard to instill these values in his players, because he cares about them like they are his own kids. The players respect him for it and want him for their coach.
More than 30 boys signed up for football for the 2014 season, the highest number in many years. Vanlue is one of the smallest school districts in the state that has a high school football program. The success of this program can’t be measured by wins and losses but by the concepts that make sports such an important factor in the development of young adults.
If you are a parent and your child plays football at Vanlue, who better to teach our children these lessons than coach Yeater?
Does a person’s values still matter in today’s society? The board will determine the fate and future of coach Yeater, his players, the fans and the program’s future. This is a new year and with it many of us believe it is a time of optimism and hope.
My hope is that the board will fulfill its responsibility by spending the time necessary to determine what is best for the students and community of Vanlue rather than accepting a token recommendation.
Larry Creager

Once again, we have all of the Ohio area getting in on a silly story about a cat getting caught in a tree, metaphorically speaking. Why does this incident make not only front-page news in Findlay, but prompt Toledo 11 news to send a crew down to report on it?
Then we have the bigwigs getting involved. Dean Wittwer, the superintendent of schools, must have more important matters to attend to, bullying for one.
So here is this muddy, soaking wet cat and someone puts down a piece of cardboard so it won’t get its feet wet?
Then the ways dreamed up to coax it out of the pipe: catnip, tuna, and now modern technology, a “meow” app on a cellphone.
Why not just “text” the cat? He surely has a cat phone around his neck.
How would you text him? (Hr kty, kty?) The Roto-Rooter or firecrackers would seem very crude in a day and age when animals are equated with humans.
So, Saturday morning, “Piper” makes front page again, picture and all. Hmm. He is sort of cute. He reminds me of our cat “Taffy” back home.
Well, let’s see, you say there is a list of names offering to adopt him? Don’t tell anyone, but put my name on the list. Shh!
Perhaps they should auction off the cat to the highest bidder. I will start the bidding at “L.”
Robert D. Poe

After reading about the rescue of “Piper” at Donnell Middle School on Friday, I feel that The Courier, the Donnell maintenance staff, the Findlay school administration, and the Humane Society stand tall in the eyes of all pet lovers.
All concerned parties deserve a “high five” for stepping up to the plate, and making me proud of my hometown and its people.
Findlay, you are still the best!
Jim Paule


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