Letters to the Editor 01-14-14

I thought the articles (Courier, Dec. 30) about the GOP getting six Senate seats and the GOP stars facing challenges was about umpteen paragraphs of nothing.
I did laugh out loud at the GOP stars part. The tan man sometimes referred to as the “weeper of the House” is a star?
Shoot, he can’t even get an invitation to a Capitol Hill tea party.
And for crying out loud, old Robbie is John Kerry in reverse. He was against it before he was for it. Now some say he is just another lib.
Then you have morning hair Kasich who isn’t too happy with Boehner because the weeper won’t share his coiffure, so Kasich has to keep looking like fright night.
Oh well. They did get it right at the end. Actions to speak louder than words. As for the six seats, don’t go counting your chicks before them eggs are hatched.
Jim Brant

It’s not hard for people to distort the word of God, but it is hard to believe his word.
In answer to Stuart Schakett (letter, Jan. 4), the reason there are so many different versions of the Bible is because they are trying to satisfy those non-believers who want to deny that God even exists.
So they print different versions to give them a “feel good” bible that says their ideas are right.
But there is only one true Bible, and it’s the one that teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ.
To answer Schakett’s question about Jesus parting the Red Sea, if he knew the Bible and believed it completely, then he would know that Jesus was with God in the beginning along with the Holy Spirit, which completes the trinity. Jesus was there with God.
Since Schakett knows the Old Testament and not the New (Testament), I guess he doesn’t know about the book of Revelation, which tells all believers what is coming in the very near future.
In John 3:16, you can read all that you need to know about the will of God and the reason for his coming to earth as a man in the form of Jesus.
As far as Jesus having blond hair and blue eyes, it doesn’t have any substance other than that he was of human form, born of a virgin mother, nothing else.
The last chapter of Revelation tells you all you need to know about who Jesus really was. Look it up.
William E. Stock

This is not a sermon. This is not preaching. This is a history lesson.
Right up front, I have a deep love for Hebrew people, the direct descendents of Abraham, through Isaac, through Jacob and his 12 sons.
Way back in Genesis 12, God promised Abraham that through him, all the families of the earth would be blessed. I have been blessed.
Fulfilling many Old Testament prophecies from Genesis to Zechariah, their promised Messiah came. He was a Jew (the terms are used interchangeably). The disciples were Jews.
The church, born in Jerusalem, was made up of Jews. When the Gospel was presented to gentiles, the church became a mixture of Jews and gentiles. (Look up the numerous references to gentiles in the Old Testament prophecies.)
When the promised Messiah came, he was rejected by the religious leaders of the day. His death, burial and resurrection were also prophesied. (Check Psalm 22 and Isaiah 55.)
He returned to heaven with the promise that He would come again and fulfill the remaining prophecies at that time.
Some prophecies with only a few verses see both advents. (Check Micah 5:2; Isaiah 7:14; 9:6,7; 11:1-5.)
There are, however, large sections of prophecies which deal exclusively with the events, still future, which will be fulfilled when the Messiah returns to earth.
(Check, for example, Zechariah 12, 14, 15. In these chapters you will find the words: “In that day,” 17 times; “Jerusalem,” 22 times; and “People, Nations,” 14 times.)
In the past nearly 2,000 years, Jewish people who have put their trust in the promised Messiah have become “Christians,” a term originally given by unbelievers to those of “the way.”
I have a number of friends who have done this and some of the terms they use are: “completed Jews,” “Hebrew Christians,” “Messianic Christians.”
I love to talk to people who want to learn more about this subject than presented in this sketchy historical lesson.
God has great plans for his “chosen people.” I pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem.
Glenn Coates
rural Findlay


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