Letters to the Editor 01-16-14

With only 2.5 inches of rain and 6 inches of snow, Findlay had its 11th highest flood in history three days before Christmas.
The farm and city community have voiced concern to elected officials that water cannot get away from Findlay and Ottawa when the river is only running at half its capacity, and is why flooding continues.
The farm fields were covered with water because of the frozen ground, so water had to escape to its lowest level before entering a ditch, stream or river.
Normally, water would go to the tile and remain there until the ditch or stream could accept the water. But since the water could not get to the tile because of the frozen fields, more silt got into the river from runoff, which causes further sandbars.
The Army Corps of Engineers is of no help because they talk only of flood management rather than control.
Flood management means more areas will receive water and private property will be destroyed to accomplish this ridiculously expensive project which will not work because, again, the main artery, the river, needs to be cleaned first.
Findlay will always flood because the Army Corps cannot change the city’s elevation. The federal government has no money for this project or the hundreds of others on the “to do” list, so the corps will string us along for years and bleed our communities dry while nothing gets accomplished.
We need to help ourselves with our money and manpower to clean the river effectively.
It is time for our elected officials, citizens of Hancock and surrounding counties, with the help of local sheriff’s departments, to step in and tell the EPA and corps that cleaning the river is an important step to save our communities and farmland.
The EPA and corps are not locally elected and have no interest in helping us do what is best for our communities. Please contact your elected officials from local to federal and share your concerns. Otherwise, they’ll assume you favor the corps’ plan.
Linda Bishop
rural Findlay

I am writing in response to Bruce Boguski’s letter (Jan. 9) suggesting The Courier include more columns written by local people.
In the summer of 2011, Courier Editor Peter Mattiace met with a group of mental health professionals who had asked him to attend our meeting so we could pitch our idea of writing a weekly column similar to the Weekend Doctor. We gave him group members’ sample articles previously published in other papers along with a long list of potential topics.
Mattiace’s main concern was that we would go strong for a few months and then run out of ideas for articles on mental health. We convinced him that would not happen.
Mattiace agreed to create the new column, Mental Health Moments, which launched in September 2011 and we haven’t missed a week yet. You can find the column next to the Weekend Doctor in Saturday’s Weekend section.
We recently received a request for a couple topics from a reader, and invite other readers to do likewise.
Linda Stockton



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