Letters to the Editor 01-17-14

I realize that politics tends to bring out extremes (and extremists), but the Chris Christie flap dominating the news is beyond extreme.
With all that is going on in our country, not to mention the world, couldn’t we find a more deserving issue?
The media is, of course, partly to blame, but like yapping dogs chasing a car, it’s just “what they do.” The main culprit is Mr. Christie himself.
Either he is so addicted to the light of public attention he can no longer differentiate between positive and negative, or he doesn’t care, or the president’s “world apology tour” so impressed him he is emulating his idol in hopes it will work for him.
Agreed, an apology was in order, but two hours? Give us a break! If he truly didn’t know, he could have just said, “Sorry, I didn’t know. I’ve disciplined those responsible.”
If he did know, he could have said, “Sorry, I screwed up. I’ll be more careful.” The dogs would have continued to yap until they found another car to chase, and if it resurfaced from time to time in his campaign, so what?
In a similar, and more vindictive move last year in retaliation for the government shutdown, the president unnecessarily closed the World War II Memorial in D.C. to our few remaining vets making their last visits to a shrine they so richly deserve, and as an added slap in their face opened the area to illegal immigrants for an amnesty rally!
Hillary, bless her heart, when confronted with her responsibility for the unnecessary deaths of four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador, slithered out of it with her immortal retort, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
And let us not forget Bill’s infamous remark: “That depends on what your definition of the word is is.”
David F. Heimrick

Marriage was both ordained and instituted by God himself. He made it very clear that it was to be between a man and a woman (male and female).
No allowance was made wherein two human beings of the same sex or a human being and an animal could be married. So why all the fuss and attempts to legalize such a union?
To call a union of two males or two females a marriage just does not fit. It is nothing more than a union of two people of the same sex.
God knew what he was doing in not leaving any loopholes. Furthermore, it not only offends God, as evidenced by his destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, it diminishes the sanctity and blessedness of marriage as God had intended.
So what could such a union be called?
What has been called “gay marriage” or “same-sex marriage” is not appropriate. It does not meet God’s criteria of a male and a female and, for that reason, is a misnomer, and not an option.
How about “gays united” or something other than “marriage”?
Our forefathers came to this country in part for religious freedom, which is constantly being attacked and taken away from us, step by step, by the ACLU (which, in my book, stands for Anti-Christian Liberties Union).
Our governmental representatives, judges, legal experts, university professors, and others would be wise to include a course in the study of Scriptures and include what they have learned in their deliberations, along with more common sense.
It is high time we put the Bible back in our schools and give those students who wish to study it the opportunity to do so. It won’t harm any of them. It will help many of them and, with God’s blessings, it will help our country in the long run.
The Ten Commandments, without doubt, are the greatest guidelines for mankind ever written. Lastly, the public displays of affection by gays would be better left in the privacy of their own homes, not publicly exhibited on television.
Bob Schroeder


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