Letters to the Editor 01-18-14

Several years ago, I read a story about a little boy who came home from school, went upstairs to his apartment and couldn’t get in. The door was locked. Sitting outside the door was a paper sack filled with his clothing and a note from his mother saying, “I don’t want you anymore.”
He sat down and cried. I never read any followup story about what happened to the little fellow.
In 1973, a law was passed in the name of compassion to make it legal to kill unborn babies in the womb. The battle has been going on ever since, and the false compassion continues to win.
Around 4,000 babies are destroyed every single day.
Last week in Heloise’s column, I read about St. Jude’s Ranch for unwanted, hurting, abused children. I thank God for St. Jude’s for showing love, caring, and teaching these children that they are valuable and have been created in the image of God.
I would imagine that most of the children at St. Jude’s Ranch and other similar places are the result of teenage pregnancies.
Our youth in so many homes are like the little boy I told about in the beginning. I have often wondered how that sad day affected his life. He would probably be old enough to be someone’s grandfather by now.
On this Right to Life Sunday, please make these teens and their unwanted babies our business. We must fight to keep our youth in school, no matter what the odds.
Make it possible for them to have hope! Hope in God, hope in humanity, hope in their future and maybe, just maybe, family living will improve to the point that family will become important again.
Abortion not only touches the infant in the womb, but it ends up affecting the entire nation. I would love to see 2014 be the year in which abortion ends. How about you?
Contact your people in Congress! Fight for life!
Barbara J. Rice

Through the past nearly 20 centuries, there have been those who said that because the Jews did not receive their promised Messiah when he came, they therefore forfeited all the promised prophetic blessings. Not only that, these blessings were now transferred to the church.
It is called “replacement theology.” It takes a lot of twisting and turning of the truth to do this, but great efforts have resulted in many accepting this false teaching.
Some of God’s covenants with “his chosen people,” the Jews, were conditional, which meant they depended on obedience to the conditions.
Some were unconditional, which meant God would keep his word in spite of everything. His promises concerning a Messiah who will come to his people will be completed.
Compare world events with these prophecies and you should conclude it looks like it could happen anytime soon.
He will reign in Jerusalem, the capital of the world. A second trend that developed because of the false teaching of replacement theology is the encouragement of people, businesses and manufacturers not to invest in products or services from Israel.
I personally try not to do business with companies which take this stand against Israel.
Really, it is one of the best investments you could make. They have achieved major accomplishments in many fields in spite of nearly worldwide hatred and opposition to them.
Many Jewish people with good positions and incomes here in America are being drawn to Israel in spite of all the things that are going on there. This is also prophetic fulfillment.
I conclude with this interesting (humorous?) note. Those who follow replacement theology say that only the blessings pass from Israel to the church. Not a word about the curses. How about that?
Glenn Coats

The snowplow may shove my driveway full of snow, but not me!
On Jan. 16, I went to the mailbox in the wind and snow to get my mail. I had to wait for seven vehicles to go by from one direction and a couple from the other direction before I could cross the road, Ohio 37.
While getting my mail out of the mailbox, a snowplow came from my right.
The driver stopped and waited until I returned across the road.
With one hand free, I waved and gave the driver a thumbs up!
Nial Elder



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