Letters to the Editor 01-24-14

Susan A. Thompson’s letter (Jan. 21) states she is against the riparian buffer along Lye Creek. Some of her concerns are costs and flood issues. Other people were chagrined to have read about the project in The Courier before being informed directly.
I live next to the future riparian buffer on the west side of Lye Creek, which will be the first side to be planted. Each side will cost $47,000. The east side of Lye Creek may be planted next year.
I will be proactive and trim and gather fallen branches and litter even if I am not authorized by the Blanchard River Watershed Partnership or the city. Citizens can clean up vacant city land without permission. No one will be arrested for picking up litter and dead branches.
Other woods along Lye Creek, like most woods anywhere, are three-quarters at best live trees and a quarter dead trees. Nature is not a tidy housekeeper. And the trees are often not what one would plant in a yard. Many are invasive.
If we want a woods with trees and bushes that are vigorous, that last, and can be kept up by volunteers, then it takes effort. Religions teach we must be stewards of nature.
Trees and bushes in a flood area might to a small degree add to floodwater height, but that is mitigated by water infiltration of the green space.
If a citizen wants to put in a fence post, brainstorm it. Google it. Not all fences need posts. Be creative. Or just put in a post and fax FEMA and dare them to take punitive action. FEMA might huff and puff but even the city is not fearful of FEMA. The city will not remove as ordered the FEMA-uncertified levee at the old sewage treatment plant. Don’t fear FEMA, just because they are part of the Department of Fatherland Defense.
Some teapot conservatives are connecting the riparian buffer to an EPA takeover via United Nations Agenda 21. This is a U.N. non-binding lengthy set of ideas to address use of world resources.
Freedom is being constantly defined to balance rights of individuals with hoi polloi. How we act and consume in the world is a challenge. Do we say we have the freedom and right because of sovereignty to use 25 percent of the world’s resources while we have 5 percent of the world’s population?
Indians and Chinese are evolving to have the same appetites we enjoy. The planet will not support such levels of consumption.
It is a justice of poetic proportions that a piece of country be created in the city. Seems over the years, city folk have thrown seeds on cornfields to grow houses, stores, churches and factories, whilst usable land in the city languished. God must say oy vey. City folk have invaded farmland and open areas and have as a consequence driven out wildlife. How can city folk complain about critters living in the city? Even coyote and fox. They are harmless.
Michael Phillips

On page A1 of Friday’s edition of The Courier was an article with the headline: “Execution takes nearly 25 minutes.”
The story was mostly about Dennis McGuire’s execution and how it violated his constitutional rights. “All citizens have a right to expect that they will not be treated or punished in a cruel and unusual way,” Dayton defense lawyer Jon Paul Rion was quoted as saying. He also said: “Today’s actions violated that constitutional expectation.”
In case you may have missed the article, McGuire was being executed for the 1989 rape and stabbing death of Joy Stewart, a pregnant newlywed.
Nothing was said about her constitutional rights or those of her unborn child. Nothing was said about how long it took them to die after being stabbed. Nor what kind of noises they may have made before they died.
It is my opinion that McGuire took away their constitutional rights and in so doing relinquished his!
Here is another quote from the article: “An attorney for McGuire’s family said it plans to sue the state over what happened.” They best pray that I am not called to serve on that jury!
Jim Copley

After reading the article in last Saturday’s Courier about Dennis McGuire’s execution, I just had to express my view.
Twenty-six minutes to die!
His son even said, “Nobody deserves to go through that.”
In a way, he’s right. The poor pregnant woman that McGuire raped and butchered should not have died like that. Not only did he murder one innocent person, but two. She must have been frightened out of her mind.
I wonder if it took her 26 minutes to die? Or more?
McGuire will meet his maker on judgment day. I know we have a forgiving God. But I think sometimes he might draw the line.
Donna Trenor


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