Letters to the Editor 02-12-14

Global warming. What a joke. There is no such thing.
They’re starting to call it climate change now because global warming sounds ridiculous when it’s 10 degrees below zero outside.
I know some “experts” will say that the weather fluctuates, which is why it’s so cold now, but that’s precisely my point. There have been fluctuations in the Earth’s climate for millions of years, and there will continue to be fluctuations for millions more.
I wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn what these “experts” believe, so long as it didn’t affect us — you and me. But if these people who claim that global warming is real get their way, they’ll implement a string of new laws and restrictions on fossil fuels, raising the cost of heat and electricity, not to mention the price of fuel for cars and delivery trucks.
We can’t afford to pay higher prices for something that doesn’t exist.
If you want to believe in the foolish notion that global warming is real, by all means, go ahead. What do I care, so long as it doesn’t infringe upon my life and my pocketbook. But remember, fellow citizens of this Earth, if these climate morons have their way, we will all have to pay the price for their foolishness.
By the way, I’m not some crazy conservative. I support PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.
Damacio “Mike” Gomez

In response to Kurt W. LaRue (letter, Feb. 11), I go through self-checkouts so I can bag my groceries the way I want.
For example, not putting eggs on the bottom of a bag. I can put things that need frozen or kept cool in one bag and then I can transfer those items to the cooler in my car.
Many have no idea how to bag groceries correctly.
I also can adjust according to the weight I want in each bag. So I do this because I want it done my way.
As for LaRue’s comment on pumping gas for my car, I’ve been doing that for decades, so I’m not sure what he’s referring to.
I don’t like others doing that, as they tend to not fill up the tank.
My previous car could have 1.5 gallons to over 2 gallons more fuel put in after the pump quit on its own. The car I now own will run out if you try to put more after it quits on its own.
Also, The Courier’s View “Calamity Days” (Jan. 30) said having snow days from school when the roads are very bad or due to the extreme cold sets a bad example to our youth.
Come on, they’re youth. The writer must not have ever had children going and/or driving to school.
Give them a break. They’re children and having had three children driving to school at some point in time, it is very hazardous as they do not have years of experience.
Being off school due to bad weather doesn’t set a bad example for them. They have plenty of time to worry about not using bad weather as an excuse to miss school when they’re adults.
Having the “right” amount of days in school isn’t worth students having accidents and injuring/killing themselves. Let them be safe and warm. Let them be youth.
Deb Berning


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