Letter to the Editor 2-17-14


When I was younger (much), I kept hearing the phrase “he (or she) doesn’t know Jack …”, which didn’t sound like much of a compliment.
In a way, I’ve spent a lifetime looking for Jack and something worthwhile to know. There were two problems I encountered in my search. Sometimes I needed to know something and no one told me until it was too late, and when I finally did learn something, no one ever asked me.
At least not until Saturday at the monthly Courier editor’s meeting where I met John Urbanski, CEO of the United Way.
John actually asked citizens at the meeting about their community concerns and what we could do, including his organization, to address these.
He even came up with a few novel ideas on how to proceed in the discussion.
First, he advocated the kitchen table approach where everyone can get their say. This resulted in his getting a diverse earful of advice from folks who mostly knew something, which will take a whole lot of sorting, however, to use.
Next, he reminded us that there is no right (or left) answer to encourage open participation, and asked us at the same time to stay on track, when we were never completely on track.
I did mention that I came from a “river runs through it” city in Wisconsin, Elm Grove, which had almost identical flooding problems as Findlay until they were largely resolved.
I could check this out on my next trip there if someone asks me and even if they don’t.
You didn’t have to be at the meeting to contribute ideas. Just send them to John at United Way, and he will help in doing the sorting on our behalf.
Tom Murphy



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