Letters to the Editor 02-25-14

I saw, hopefully, the final picture of “Piper” in Saturday’s paper. It seems he has, at last, been adopted by a qualified family.
What people don’t know is another near-tragedy involving Piper.
This story intersects with the only other person who gets more Courier ink than Piper, none other than Terry Cook.
What happened was, early one sleepy morning, Mr. Cook was logging into “Topcat.com” for his daily hydrogen dose, and inadvertently typed in “Stuckcat.com.”
In his drowsy condition, his order for some info was mistaken by the humane society as a bid to adopt Piper.
In an adoption as sensitive and high-profile as Piper’s, names and addresses are kept private until the finalization. Sometimes unnecessary safety precautions can come back to “bite you.”
Fortunately, just before the papers were signed, someone figured out who the prospective adoptee was.
So imagine this possibility: Piper could have wound up in a “pipe” of much more tragic consequences than the drain pipe. We would have been following Piper under “Smokedcat.com.”
Of somewhat less but still very serious consequence, what if Piper had gotten into some of Mr. Cook’s “hemp”? We may have had to follow his fate on “stonedcat.com.”
Robert Poe


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