Letters to the Editor 02-27-14

There are no losers in the Olympics. The athletes are all winners with just a little variation in their scores. When you think of the dedication and years of hard work that goes into those few minutes on “stage,” you have to have great admiration for all of them.
I fell in love with figure skating back when I was growing up. Sonja Henie made her appearance in the movies, and I was hooked. I later learned that she had won three gold medals in the Olympics. I even had a coloring book about her, her brother Eric, and their life in Norway.
Then, when I was older, Scott Hamilton, a most delightful skater with a wonderful sense of humor, became another favorite.
I have watched so many performers, all with that hidden driving force to go for the gold. They were great! When I tried skating, the closest I ever got was sliding on frozen water puddles.
The world just completed watching the 2014 Olympics held in Sochi. Russia put her best foot forward and delighted the world with beautiful scenery, wonderful musical talent, ballet and their children’s choir, among other things.
A young lady who had been born without feet and only part of her legs touched hearts by winning a skiing competition, and also meeting her birth mother who had found it necessary to allow her to be adopted. Tears and love poured out abundantly at that meeting.
These athletes are so incredible! It is so amazing to me how they can bounce back up and keep going when you know their hearts are breaking because of falling, or finishing a split second behind another competitor. Although greatly disappointed, you know they will spend the next four years training hard and dreaming of the next competition.
Determination, perseverance and undying hope will keep them all dreaming of that gold medallion.
Barbara J. Rice

I am concerned about the future of our Henry County Hospital. Recently, there has been a considerable downsizing there and I understand that more could be coming. Some departments can’t afford more downsizing!
I was told that the other day there were only seven patients admitted. The mobile PET/CT scan unit no longer goes to Henry County Hospital because of a lack of patients.
It would be wonderful, but not believable, that there is a major reduction in cancer patients in our county. But, obviously, patients are going elsewhere, which is a shame.
The question is why? Some time ago, the general practitioners in New Castle were denied access to the hospital to see their patients and were replaced with “hospitalists,” doctors who most likely have no connection with the patient.
I personally find that wrong, and I assume other people do also. I would always want to follow up in the hospital with my own doctor!
I have been a patient of our county hospital since birth, and I’m retired from there. I have had many tests, surgeries, and procedures there. I have considered the quality of care, in general, very good, with most departments above and beyond the best care and diagnostic testing.
I am just trying to figure out what is going on. Are we losing our hospital?
Susan Stoots
New Castle



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