Letters to the Editor 03-08-14

Regarding the plan to close two traffic lanes on Main Street downtown: Has anyone considered a practical test?
Just barricade the right-hand driving lanes in the proposed area and watch what happens. Do that a couple of times with competent observers present.
That should remove all doubt about the outcome, should the plan proceed.
We no longer live in Findlay, but do business there with some regularity, so I do have an interest in this matter.
Dave Perry
Mount Cory

Everyone has been asking, why are the gas prices in Findlay always higher than other places? Now you know. The artist’s sketch (Page A1, Feb. 28) shows you how Marathon’s money is going to be spent over the next three to five years.
Even though the company has amassed all this money from you, don’t look for the gas prices to go down. They still need your money.
With all the parking spots that will be available downtown from all the traffic that will be generated, they will probably need a Marathon gas station downtown.
And just imagine all the traffic jams it will create!
Backing south in front of northbound one-lane traffic, what a great idea. But be extra careful not to have an accident. It might take a policeman quite a while to get to you to make a report or to write a citation.
I don’t know what would happen if the car happens to be stolen and the driver leaves the scene.
And by all means, if you live in the north and western parts of the city, do not call EMS if you have a real emergency.
EMTs might run into traffic problems going north on Main Street.
There are a few pizza shops and a taxi cab service on the north side that could probably respond much quicker, and I-75 may be about the faster route from Sixth Street unless Blanchard Street could be accessed.
I’m sure that there are plenty of complaints filed about the length of time it takes to respond as it is. Maybe the city should just put another EMS station on the north side.
All kidding aside, the artist’s sketch looks great, but is not very practical. But, at least the planning commission should have an easier time planning for parades. Parades can go up one side of Main Street and down the other.
Still, the people planning for a better downtown may need to go back to the drawing board on this one.
Dick Cook

I thought the picture in The Courier (Page 1, Feb. 28) of the angle parking on Findlay’s Main Street might have come from an old movie trailer. I was reminded of the movie, “Dumb and Dumber.”
However, after reading the article, I realized it makes perfect sense for Findlay. The plan, after all, was concocted by Big Oil and Republicans.
So, in the words of the great orator, what else can one say except, “Bring it on!”
Shucks, Marathon and Coffee Amici are the only two hot spots on Main Street anyway.
Jim Brant

I personally want to say “congratulations” to Andrew Hunter, Zach Kuhlman and the other players who received all-conference accolades in the BVC this year.
I single out Andrew and Zach because Mike Wisner did so in his letter (March 5).
Mr. Wisner, to put down a high school athlete for his accomplishments as you did to these two young men is nothing less than shameful. These high school players earned the respect of the league’s coaches and should be held in high esteem — not put down in a public forum.
Stats are not the only basis for all-conference accomplishments. How about hustle, diving for loose balls, attitudes, teamwork? Coaches notice this, but it does not show up on stat sheets.
There is also the fact that some players are forced to play an entire game due to lack of depth on the team — while others are on teams that may play 8-9 players per game, thus reducing court time and stats (which you think so highly of). How about a player that scores 20 points a game while shooting the ball 25 times versus a player who averages 18 per game while only taking 12 shots? Who do you think is the better player?
I feel you owe these players and Coach Vermillion (BVC coach of the year) an apology. It would be the right thing to do.
Michael Thompson


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