Letters to the Editor 3-10-14


The notion that by going backward to a village-type traffic pattern will improve Findlay’s downtown parking is absurd.
Marathon is going to be taking parking that is now available to the public by absorbing some of our side streets and then this idiotic plan to increase parking?
Perhaps this younger know-it-all generation of mayor/council members think that eating out and going to bars is the answer to revitalizing Findlay need to revisit history.
Downtown Findlay used to be the only place to shop before the mall. Not enough parking? There is more parking now than there ever has been due to private parking lots.
There are city and county lots for employees and then there is Dorney Plaza, which eliminated quite a bit of parking.
I could see side streets being utilized for the purpose of increasing parking spaces but this is the stupidest idea that someone (I’d like to know who) has the audacity for us to even consider.
Emergency vehicles, trucks, back-in parking, turning left, parades, snow removal and a host of other sound reasons make this look like an insane plan.
I propose that Findlay’s mayor and the council use cones for a month and block off the proposed sections in the way that they would be implemented and study the results. Anything else is stupidity.
Any council member who agrees to this idiocy should, number one, be ashamed for drinking the Kool-Aid; and number two, be removed from office the next time we vote for violating the trust of his/her office.
If this is how Mayor Mihalik thinks she will get another term or God-forbid a stepping stone for higher office, she is sorely mistaken. She will be a one term mayor.
There is just no way to sugarcoat this mess. We gave up bright lights to have the cutesy quaint lights that are not cutesy or quaint because of the costly little banners that let us know what section of Findlay we are in and which holiday we are celebrating, but this?
A new gym for the police when they could use a 24-hour wonderful facility, and this nonsense? Is this good government?
See you on the 12th.
Melissa M. Humphress

After seeing many articles about reverse-angle parking I just had to weigh in. Who comes up with this stuff?
Someone on the 13th floor with nothing better to do? They are not in touch with reality.
You can’t get people to park between the lines going forward. How are you going to get them to back into a space on the blind side and end up between the lines?
Try to imagine bumper-to-bumper traffic on Main Street and you want to back into a space. You put on your signal but the car behind you can’t back up to let you in because there is a car 12 inches from his rear bumper and the car behind him can’t back up because there is a car 12 inches from his rear bumper etc. You get the point.
If you want to experience bumper-to-bumper traffic, go to Gatlinburg, Tenn. before you get to the Smokey Mountains during the tourist season. There are two lanes of traffic each going the opposite way and all you can do is creep along at 5 to 10 mph, sometimes at a dead stop.
Why not let the people decide? There is a primary ballot coming up in May, isn’t there? I trust the common sense of the people. If they vote it down, fine. If they vote for it, well then they will just have to live with it.
Gary Ellerbrock

I cringed as I looked over the drawing of the reverse-angle parking proposed for downtown on the front page of the Saturday Courier.
It sure looks as easy as 1, 2, 3.
But I’ll stay away from downtown as much as I possibly can if this is implemented. And as for parking on Main Street, that will be a no-no!
Looking at the drawing, I could see how easy it would be for the driver to back into the right front of my vehicle.
May I ask a question of the designers of this plan? Will you park downtown on Main Street or will you have a reserved spot; perhaps somewhere away from this ridiculous design?
Marie Pardi

If by any chance the new Main Street plan becomes a reality, I think that city officials should ban Jim Brant of McComb from that section of Main Street because he is always driving left of center.
Michael Janton



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