Letter to the Editor 03-11-14

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C., and meet with Reps. Bob Latta and Jim Jordan, and Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman.
I asked all of them about their position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is another huge trade deal that will create a free-trade zone between the U.S. and 11 other countries. In case you have been living on another planet, you know that these great trade deals have been nothing but bad for the U.S.
Since 1974, we have built an $11 trillion trade deficit, which means we have shipped in $11 trillion more in goods than we have shipped out.
President Obama is in favor of this, along with Latta, Jordan, and Portman, while Brown opposes it. Seems odd to me that these three have opposed almost everything that the president has proposed up to this point, but are in favor of this.
People need to wake up and tell the people in Washington “enough trade deals.” They have done nothing but hurt the country by shipping good jobs out of this country and wrecking our economy.
Congress is also voting on fast track. This is a law that gives the president full power to negotiate trade deals with no input from Congress.
This would be in effect until 2018, with the option to extend it to 2021. We have no idea who will be in the White House then, but yet Latta, Jordan, and Portman are in favor of giving the president this power.
I asked them why they are in favor of this and they said that all the presidents since 1974 have had this power. My response is it hasn’t worked out real well for the American people. Their answer: We need to trust the president to do the right thing.
These are the same people who have voted against almost every thing that the president has proposed. It seems strange to me. It’s time to get these people to look out for the working people of the country instead of the corporations that want to ship jobs out in the name of corporate profits.
Take the time to call and tell them how you feel. Mr. Latta says these deals are wanted by the people that he represents. My question is, who is he representing?
Robert Schoonover


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