Letters to the Editor 03-21-14

Congratulations to Jim Knott (letter, March 20) on finally writing a letter to the editor after all those years.
Fox News and MSNBC come to mind when he says people believe what they read/hear, and it becomes scary about those “facts” that each side has.
I am glad that there are people who are trying to make the downtown area better. To begin with, there are many experts who disagree with each other (see climate change) or who are totally wrong with what they are an “expert” at (see Flat Earth Society).
As for the inventors Knott named, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of experiments they did before they finished a product.
Edison did not have everyone put a light bulb in their homes on his first attempt. The Wright brothers did not do a design, build it and jump right in to fly.
These inventors had no effect on society while they were building/inventing until after the product proved successful.
It has been suggested in several letters to try an experiment by shutting down the lanes for several months, especially in winter, that would prove or disprove the plan without much cost.
Simply counting cars does not show how it would work. Seeing how when lanes of Interstate 75 are shut down gives one pause to think about how this plan would affect Main Street.
Again, the proof is easily shown in the suggested experiment and it doesn’t cost much to do. Whereas, just doing it and it really doesn’t work would be hugely expensive.
I do not want a road to nowhere. If the experiment works then absolutely, positively, great, do it. If it doesn’t, then it has not been expensive to show.
Mike Hocanson

Here’s my view of the new plans for downtown: When you have a lot of traffic, you increase the lanes of the roads. Example: U.S. 224 over Interstate 75.
So with all the traffic that goes through downtown, why decrease the lanes? Is it just for the $2 million grant?
Safety is better than money. If we need 80 more parking spaces, the lots where buildings have been torn down make space for a parking garage. That would be much cheaper and less confusion in downtown.
Council has no money for firemen nor police, but we have a grant coming to make our town a “ghost town”?
Thank you, mayor and council, for giving us something to talk about after you are out of office.
Joyce A. Butcher

We’re grateful for the work of the Ohio Department of Transportation in cutting down two maple trees in our front yard.
The trees were very old (maybe 100) and every time there was a storm and wind, the limbs and branches would fall on the highway (Ohio 12).
During the last storm, half of one of the trees came down and was cleaned up by the Liberty Township Fire Department.
It was always a worry that the tree might fall on our home.
It was sad to see our trees come down, but we will plant two more. We like trees. Our yard is full of them.
Jo Ellen and Tom TenEyck
rural Findlay

Editor’s note: The letters below were written by fourth-grade students at Liberty-Benton Elementary about changes they would like to see in the community.
“I hope we (Findlay and Hancock County) get an outdoor skating rink or arena. I am an ice skater, so I am familiar with the ice. It would be considerate for the city government and planners to provide money to build it. I am very confident about this and I would love to be involved. Ice skating is a popular sport and I think you may like it. An outdoor skating rink would be very fun in the cold months.”
— Abby Ayers

“We need to change a few things. We need lower prices for gasoline. We will become more popular with lower prices. We also need more arcades and more appropriate video games. I am confident youth will not get bored with more arcades. (I would also like to isolate homework.)”
— Toby Collert

“These are some reasons (why) we should have a Starbucks in Findlay. We need to have one for our society. If people want a certain kind of drink, they can get it. Starbucks has a familiar, popular and original taste that I think everyone enjoys. The workers will have appropriate attitudes. I will be involved on many different occasions and go there. They would have an admirable sales amount during Christmas, with decorations that I think our society would love. I hope you also feel we need a Starbucks in Findlay.”
— Brennan Darrach

“If I could change something in the community, I would like a Chick-fil-A. Chicken lovers young and old, maternal or paternal, could hang out there, and it would be the world’s best chicken! Another familiar place would be Starbucks. I prefer a frappuccino, but people can go there to refresh themselves after a run, jog, or walk. A lot of adults love neatness and boxes to store stuff in, so how about a Target? Target would fit right in our society and would be appropriate for Findlay. Target also has cute clothes and other admirable products. If I could change Findlay, I would do these things.”
— Hayley Schlumbohm


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