Letters to the Editor 03-22-14

I agree with Steve Korb (letter, March 15). Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., has my vote and all my friends’ and family’s votes on passing the bill for Vietnam Veterans Day as a patriotic and national observance.
My question is why is this taking so long? Do they have to wait until all Vietnam vets are dead?
A good friend was so moved when a young boy, who didn’t know anyone who was a veteran, invited him to a veterans’ lunch at the boy’s school.
The young man’s grandmother suggested her friend, Dan Decker. Dan kept telling me how, when the Vietnam vets came home, they never had anything like that for them. When Dan talked to me about the lunch, he always had tears in his eyes. Dan Decker died in January of cancer. Semper Fi, Dan. You were a wonderful Marine.
Also, my two brothers, Bill and Richard Thomas, went to Vietnam and were in the country at the same time. Bill did two tours. Richard wasn’t so lucky. He was badly wounded by a mortar fire as a tunnel rat.
Today, my brothers are both in their middle 60s and have health problems and sores, most likely due to Agent Orange.
I am very passionate about this issue. Do my brothers and many thousands of others have to die before they get a day that recognizes their efforts?
My brothers wear their dress uniforms for banquets. That was something they didn’t dare do when they came home.
Now they can both just barely stand on their own. Please, let’s get together and give them their day.
Carrie Thomas Miller

I love chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. On St. Patrick’s Day, there was an article in The Courier proclaiming the wonderful medicinal power of dark chocolate for our heart’s health. But it is still in the testing stage.
For some time now, it has been well known that dark chocolate helps keep the arteries clean. When I first learned that, I was amazed that science was actually catching up with my way of thinking. I knew it was good for you. It had to be, because I liked it. And chocolate also makes a person feel good.
And now, the medical field is also jumping on the bandwagon with chocolate capsules. Of course, they are leaving the sugar and other nonessentials out and just using the straight, undiluted dark chocolate.
And just to go along with the dark chocolate, they suggest we take multivitamins. I have been taking those for years as well because it would be impossible to consume all of those necessary vitamins daily in just the food you eat. I have tried.
Just think, chocolate! Our newest wonder drug! Just more proof that God knew what he was doing when he created all of these things and said, “It is good.”
Think how happy everyone would be all over the world, just because of chocolate pills. And definitely healthier. Why, we might even learn how to park backwards, and laugh at the little scrapes and dents we put in other people’s cars and vice versa.
And I’m positive chocolate tastes better than hemp. But that would have to be tested.
Barbara J. Rice

On Tuesday, I had the honor and pleasure of conducting an assembly with the seniors and juniors of Findlay High School. As Findlayites, we can be very proud of what is transpiring in our local school system.
During the last year, I have had the opportunity to address students at Bigelow Hill, Glenwood Middle School and, most recently, Findlay High School. The students and staff have impressed me so much that I had to write this letter.
The students were packed into a gym for 50 minutes sitting on bleachers listening to a speaker, and their behavior and demeanor were exemplary.
They were courteous, respectful, attentive and asked thoughtful questions. Many stayed afterward to introduce themselves, ask for guidance or just to talk, and impressed me with their genuineness and sincerity.
Thank you, students, for the wonderful visit to your outstanding school! Teachers and parents, continue the fantastic job of turning out productive, successful young men and women into our community. Judging by the student body of FHS, our future is in good hands.
Bruce Boguski

Our president has ordered five of our nuclear aircraft carriers to be docked together in Norfolk for routine inspection. The last time we had our warships like this was in Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941.
All the carriers were withdrawn from the Middle East, leaving our land forces exposed to attack.
Knowledgeable military sources have stated that this breached a long-standing Navy protocol and left the military vulnerable to massive future attack.
The world is missing a super-large airplane that could be loaded with fuel and bombs and attack the row of aircraft carriers just like our high-rise buildings.
According to the Internet, the president has purged or fired 93 high-ranking generals, admirals and command officers since he has been in office.
It seems we should not be taking needless risks considering the unstable condition the world is in.
Richard E. Schweitzer
rural Findlay


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