Letters to the Editor 03-25-14

There have been quite a few people who have written in with questions about the downtown parking and “revitalization” plan that have largely gone unanswered.
It’s not that these people are Neanderthal Luddites who do not want any change in Findlay. They simply want answers to simple questions. They want answers to the “logistics” of the whole thing. They are the ones thinking beyond the pretty pictures and asking the hard questions of what, and how much will it cost. Why is it there have been no responses from city officials regarding this plan?
I want the city Fire Department to say that this plan will not hinder firefighting efforts. Will a slow fire response time increase insurance premiums?
I want the city Street Department to go on the record and tell us this plan will have no effect on snow removal. That it will not cost the city more to truck the snow out of downtown.
If the parking plan fails, the downtown shop owners are the ones who will pay the ultimate price.
But do all of the store owners really want this? I want published a list of shop owners that are “for,” “against,” or “no opinion.”
What about events like parades and Boogie on Main? They would be difficult with a middle curb.
Why is it that the city officials who are pushing this plan are not doing anything to answer these questions? Is it that they really do not want to do a trial test?
You know the old saying, if it looks like a pig, walks like a pig, and squeals like a pig, it’s a pig! And no amount of talking and bull by city officials will turn that sow’s ear to silk.
Jim Gould

I was not going to get into the downtown plan discussion, since I am retired.
I was in law enforcement full time for 10 years. In that time I investigated a lot of traffic mishaps. Many were for improper backing.
I also owned a downtown business for 22 years. I would not be for this so-called plan in any circumstance.
Over 15 years or so ago, the traffic signals were set to keep the lights green in the downtown district to keep the traffic moving. Fix the lights back to equal time on Main and side streets.
The city can ban right turns on red at all downtown intersections.
As for 45 mph downtown, I find that hard to imagine in a 25 mph zone. If that is the case, though, a police patrol car in the downtown and southend areas would write enough citations to bring this to a halt.
G.T. Scaife

Carrie Thomas Miller (letter, March 22) is right, our vets are dying. But it’s not just the Vietnam ones.
The World War II and Korean veterans will soon be gone and this generation of the “Dancing With The Stars” and the “American Idols” just do not get it.
This nation is asleep and ripe for the taking. It is amazing that most just do not have a clue just who gave them their right to be brain-bought idiots!
Honoring our vets is something all that claim to be Americans should do.
The firing of so many since the commander-in-chief took charge? Like he has any military experience.
Wake up!
Toni Geren
rural Findlay



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