Letters to the Editor 03-29-14

I see that our governor agrees with our state Legislature that it is OK for our kids to be 5 percent stupider this year than last (nine excused days out of 182 is 5 percent).
Why isn’t the Ohio Education Association jumping up and down about how we are denying our kids the quality education they need? Why are the administrators only worrying aloud about whether the students can succeed with four fewer prep days at a test they have known was coming for three years?
On the other hand, if the OEA and school administrators are endorsing by their silence the reduction in school year length, deeming it adequate, why don’t we make the reduction permanent? It would be a significant cost reduction: teachers’ pay could be cut 5 percent; an extra long Christmas break would allow school buildings to run cooler and darker, saving on utilities — all kinds of possibilities.
I don’t ask for much from our public officials (and am generally rewarded by receiving it). It would be nice, however, if they were consistent.
We either are adequately funding and administering our state school system or we are not. If we are, we should maintain the duration and diligence of our classroom schedules. If we are not, we should not be reducing the educational opportunities just because it is inconvenient to the politically active.
It’s not like we have to vacate the school buildings by a certain date so the next activity can move in. The teachers don’t migrate en masse to Timbuktu on June 1. I think the students stick around for a while in the summer.
In short, I am still trying to figure out what the problem is for which a reduction in the school year is a solution.
John Platt
rural Arlington

What exciting news in Findlay, with the additional state funding proposals for The Marathon Center for the Performing Arts and the Kan Du Community Art Center. The arts community already has been growing and enhancing our quality of life with its continual art walks, open houses, classes and shows.
Although Kan Du leaving its downtown studio is disconcerting, their need for extra space is evident. Wouldn’t a nice fit be to move into the city-owned, empty Hochstettler’s Old Mill on West Main Cross?
Purchased in 2011 for $270,000, it has stood empty because of its potentially high renovation costs. An “arts corridor” could be established heading east into town, with the Kan Du studio locating there. The parking would be very easy there, with even allowances for buses, if needed, for those disabled and unable to drive.
This art corridor could be continued east, with the renovation of the lovely old buildings that currently house the old “Rocking U” site for sale. Or perhaps an exciting new restaurant with outdoor dining could open there, to capture the crowds heading to the performing arts center further east?
The possibilities are endless, but to re-use and renovate the empty buildings in our town is imperative.
To the arts!
Cathy M. Weygandt

Do you believe in career politicians who put party over policy and are destroying our country, or would you prefer electing statesmen who put people and policy first?
This year, Ohioans will be blessed with opportunities we have not seen in many years because statesmen are stepping up. Pastor Corey Shankleton, a conservative Republican, is running for State Senate District 1 against Cliff Hite.
Shankleton is endorsed by Ohio Pro-Life Action, Ohioans for Educational Freedom, and the Ohio Citizens PAC. He worked diligently on the Heartbeat Bill, which only asks for responsible abortion before a heartbeat is detected. The Republicans let this opportunity take a back seat to politics as usual.
He also realizes the dangers of an education dictated and financed through the federal government by “Race to the Top” funds coming to Ohio’s cashed-strapped schools. Once again, Hite, along with many other Republican establishment cronies, supports Common Core, and thinks by calling it Ohio Common Core that people will be fooled.
It is up to the people to stop this cycle of electing career politicians who say one thing and do another, and are financed and supported by the establishment for favors.
Will you continue to support the status quo or will you vote for statesmen? Only you and your vote can stop this self-destructive cycle.
A dessert reception and fundraiser will be held at 1917 S. Main St. from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, April 4. Please come if you are tired of politics as usual.
Vanessa Vandale
rural Findlay

Reverse-angle parking, parallel parking, parking garage or just stack one on top of the other. Parking is not the main problem with the downtown business.
The main reason I try to stay away from downtown is that I do not like driving on a washboard. At least going to the mall the roads are in a little better shape. It seems to me that the state was going to resurface Main Street, but first the city had to do some work on the curbs and aprons.
If I remember right, the city did do a lot of repairs, so what happened to the state’s part of the deal? We all know that this winter has been very hard on all of the streets, but fix Main Street and I bet you will see more people downtown.
Don Darnell



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