Letters to the Editor 04-01-14

Ohioans will soon have the opportunity to vote in the May primary. As increased dissatisfaction in the current elected officials continues to grow, we are beginning to witness significant upsets in the Republican arena as constitutional conservatives are defeating party-endorsed incumbents.
Ohioans have a unique opportunity to become a part of this trend by electing candidates who believe in defending the sanctity of life, marriage, and traditional education.
Social media predicts that this will be the year for widespread conservative victories across the nation. We need to make this happen by not only casting our vote at the polls, but encouraging others to do so.
It is time to stand against those who salivate over government control, federal and state grants, and reckless regard for liberty.
Ohio has two races that are ripe for a political upset.
In the 8th Congressional District, J.D. Winteregg is challenging John Boehner. Boehner has come under sharp scrutiny because of his negative attitude toward liberty-minded folk. His foul mouth and lack of leadership have left much to be desired as a representative of the conservative people of Ohio. He is attending a $5,000-a-head event in Florida, as is Eric Holder, sponsored by an anti-tea party group devoted to fighting conservatives.
Closer to home, in Ohio Senate District 1, voters have an opportunity to replace Cliff Hite, a man who supports common core education, championed Medicaid expansion, interfered with the progress of the Heartbeat Bill, and shows partiality to the gay rights agenda.
Rumblings within the political tsunami are that in spite of his endorsements and warchest, he may well be defeated by a man who stands for strong conservative values, a man who wants to redeem the Republican Party from the moderate stronghold.
The anger that he has garnered from conservative groups will catapult dissatisfied constituents to the polls in an effort to replace him with Corey Shankleton, a man with a constitutional vision.
Want changes in Columbus? Vote Shankleton.
Diann Risner

I stand behind Putnam County Election Director Karen Lammers and her staff. Thank you for your integrity and honesty.
As for the “non-renewal” of Shelly Burkhart, all I can say is I am so sorry. Shelly had been a beacon to all of us election workers since she was hired. She always had the answer to our questions or she immediately found out what they were, just as Ms. Tooman did.
Burkhart and Lammers cleaned up an election office that was in almost total disarray and made sure that we all knew our jobs by doing their jobs so well.
If I had a job to offer Burkhart, I would do it immediately. I don’t know the new assistant, Ms. Hermiller, but can only hope she is half the diligent worker that Burkhart was and does not fall prey to only helping find fault with the new procedures that have been instituted or with those who are left working there.
As a lifelong Republican, I have not always agreed with the platforms presented by my party, but right now I am totally embarrassed and ashamed of what they have done. How childish and petty.
I ask all election judges to stand by Karen Lammers and her dedicated staff. She will need you.
Beverly Carr



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