Letters to the Editor 04-03-14

Findlay is a great town, but the people who live here are greater — forget the daily newspaper’s public record.
The citizens here can stand tall against any other community its size in the United States for their integrity, honesty and generosity.
Some of us, though, have forgotten, if we stand still in one spot for years, that mold and moss will form around us. We should forget the glories of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s and move forward.
Although I have passed the 90-year mark, I can envision a beautiful South Main Street boulevard divided by an aisle of native trees and shrubs. The sidewalks could come alive with colorful stains and designs where the merchants could display their wares and people could dine under colorful awnings on spring, summer and fall days.
Back-in diagonal parking was a terrible idea. Would anyone want to eat with car exhaust belching into their food? Ugh!
Convert some of our ugly alleys into parking spaces with walk-thrus to the Main Street area.
Asking for $2 million, then finding ways to spend it seems like poor economics. Could not reasonable plans be formulated for needed changes, then involve the citizenry in raising the funds?
We need more than a drive-thru Main Street. We need a thriving, beautiful Main Street.
Jean R. Holmes

Throughout history, there are periods that later generations look back on in amazement and ask, “What were they thinking?”
I can’t help but wonder what will be remembered about us 20, 50, 100 years from now.
This administration, touted by the media as the most highly educated in our nation’s history, is headed by a president who thought there were 57 states, a former secretary of state who asked, “What difference does it make?” when our embassy was overrun and the ambassador and other Americans were killed, a speaker of the House who said a law must be passed to see what’s in it, an attorney general who refuses to enforce the law, a congressional rep who thinks the Constitution is 400 years old, and on and on.
Then there’s the VP (but let’s not go there). I can remember when the media ridiculed a former VP for misspelling potato.
We now have a media that will cover and spin and spin and cover until you have to gag. When the president repeatedly lied (23 times) about health care, they grudgingly admitted he “misspoke.” Boy, I wish I’d known that word when I was a kid!
In 2005, then Sen. Obama, along with Republican Sen. Dick Durbin, helped secure $48 million in federal funding to help Ukraine scrap thousands of tons of weapons, from small arms to missiles, plus 15,000 tons of ammo in order to make that region, and the world, safer, and assured them their borders would be defended if need be as the Russian bear was dead. Turns out the bear was just snoozing and now he’s awake and irritable.
Even as I wrote this, the people of Crimea were voting to return to the Soviet fold and now Mother Russia is tightening her grip on the throat of an unarmed (but safer?) Ukraine.
I wonder if Vlad will lose any sleep over those consequences he was promised?
David F. Heimrick


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