Letter to the Editor 04-09-14

Having one child, or no children, is a wise choice. The human species is a cancer on the earth. Cut the population immediately and drastically.
These were the thoughts of Naomi Cherry (letter, April 8). And she thinks we need a change in social attitude? I suggest that she needs the change in attitude.
I would like to know how she’d propose to immediately cut the population drastically. Do we start with the old and sick? And which segment of the working-age population will we eliminate so that there are enough jobs?
Regarding employment, a July 2013 Money Morning article reported 3 million jobs unfilled. While that does not quite meet the 3.8 million working-age growth of that year, it is as relevant as the 2.4 million persons who were hired.
There are also reasons unrelated to population growth for the current lack of jobs sufficient to employ all working-age persons.
Now to the cancer. We are not. Our wasteful, over-consumptive activities are.
Reduce waste and consumption, not population. Reuse and recycle. Large families do not necessarily consume more or pollute more than small ones and likely develop adults with conservation mindsets.
The following link explains better than I could within my limits:
Wendy Garmatter


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