Letters to the Editor 04-15-14

How can one letter (Barb Rice, April 12) be so right and yet so wrong? She wrote that Christians are being told to “sit down and shut up.”
Just this week, I attended a business function that began and closed with the words, “In Jesus’ name, we say amen.” Not in the Lord’s name, wording that would have included minority religions, but only in the name of Christians. Apparently my donation was welcome, but I was not.
Christians being told to “sit down and shut up?” Will The Courier have Easter stories this week? My guess is yes.
The holiday celebrating the story of Exodus starts this week without mention. Apparently in regards to the Judeo-Christian tradition, only the Christian part matters. Christians being told to “sit down and shut up?”
Radio and TV are full of Christian stations, duly licensed by the government. You even have Fox News shilling for you. Maybe Christians are being told to “sit down and shut up” when they, as Ms. Rice describes others, force their choices on others and try to make them accept them.
Rice seemingly agrees that gays have unalienable rights and then slanders them by lumping them in with murderers and, worse yet, politicians. If people have the right to live as they choose, as long as it does no harm to others and having your moral sensibilities offended is not real harm, what is wrong with equal rights for all?
I have not heard gays asking for special rights, just the same rights straights have. I have not seen a gay protester trying to force you to marry them. They just want to marry who they want. How is that forcing their choice upon you?
There are things that I do not morally accept, but I still have to accept they are legal. To codify religious views under the Defense of Marriage Act is nothing but forcing your religious beliefs upon others. How is that not contrary to the First Amendment?
By the way, my straight marriage is coming up on 21 years and does not need defending. Sorry to hear about yours.
Stuart Schakett

The Ag Nutrient Bill sponsored by state Sen. Cliff Hite (Courier, Feb. 3), goes too far putting more government regulation over common sense.
Thirty or more years ago, when farmers were growing crops such as pickles and tomatoes, fertilizer was used at a much heavier rate, yet there was no phosphorus problem in the lake. Technology has improved on the farm and fertilizer costs have skyrocketed so that no farmer could afford to spread more fertilizer than is absolutely needed.
Hite’s bill blames farmers for the cause of the algae blooms in Lake Erie, though everyone contributes to this problem. This bill requires farmers to take a course in fertilizer management at a cost of $30 every three years.
Currently, farmers are mandated to take courses in pesticide use. This new legislation, if passed, is just another layer of bureaucracy which will cost the farmer and will result in higher food costs for everyone, but do little to help the algae blooms in the lake.
I would like to propose that all Ohio legislators at all levels of government who think their only job is to create and pass laws for the rest of us follow Mr. Hite’s example in passing the following law for themselves.
Every three years, every legislator should be required to take a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution and the Ohio Constitution, because government has lost sight of what its role is in relation to the people it represents.
With elections upon us, please get to know the candidates and issues before you vote. Primaries allow you to select the very best candidate to run in the general election. Many do not exercise this important voting right for various reasons. However, this year offers many choices not seen in a long time and is not going to be politics as usual.
Linda Bishop
rural Findlay

Upon returning from the mailbox, we found a letter addressed to us which also had our address as the return address. That’s odd, but we opened the letter and found it was from a little girl named Josylin.
She had just turned 6 and her mom and her decided she would do six random acts of kindness. They prayed and asked God to help them choose people who truly needed an act of kindness. So, from the phone book, we were chosen as number five of six.
Included was a gift card that she bought using money she had earned herself, doing extra chores at home.
We were in awe!
With so much negativity going on in the world, this little girl is being taught to care about others. Way to go, mom and Josylin!
But we want you to know that we have decided to “pay it forward” and gave the gift card to a good friend and neighbor who has been battling cancer since 2005. She was also amazed at the thoughtfulness of this little 6-year-old girl, and she thanks you greatly.
So, Josylin, wherever you are, keep up the good work. Your mom is teaching you right and you will be a better person for it.
We always believed there are “angels among us,” and now we know of one named Josylin. God bless you, also!
Terry and Joni Anderson

Wow! Another politician caught on tape kissing a staff member and the news media is making a real big deal out of the fact that he’s a Christian conservative.
Perhaps you’ve noted if a Democrat’s wrongdoing is exposed (a rare occasion, if you believe the media coverage), he’s reported as a “politician from Podunk” (or wherever). But, a conservative’s misdeeds are always reported as a “Republican politician” from whatever area he’s from.
It seems we only hear about sins of Republicans. In thinking about this, we could well conclude that people expect conservatives to be honest, faithful, and trustworthy, so when one makes a mistake, it’s a terrible surprise worthy of exposure by the media. However, since we expect Democrats to be self-serving, dishonest, intemperate scoundrels, there is no surprise and news gatherers have no interest in exposing their actions.
Janet Courtney
Mount Blanchard


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