Letters to the Editor 04-16-14

I want to say thank you to Stuart Schakett (April 15) for writing the letter I have been trying to compose for several days now, and for doing it so wonderfully.
I also wanted to ask Ms. Rice (letter, April 12) if she would try an experiment to get an idea of just how much Christians are not being told to “sit down and shut up.”
For one week, I would like her to try to imagine that the Christian religion is one that has done her or someone she loves emotional or psychological harm. Imagine that every time you see a cross, or see an athlete cross himself and point to the sky, or are told to have a “blessed day,” or are asked to pray for something, that the trauma and harm experienced all comes back.
Every. Single. Time.
Christianity is everywhere. It saturates our culture, our sports, our government. And I understand, I really do, what it feels like to be a Christian and feel persecuted. I was taught in Sunday school that Christians were a persecuted minority in this country, that our government was (horrors) secular and out to take away our freedom to pray, to worship. That we were hated. And I believed it.
I feared for my personal safety when I wore a cross necklace, but I wore it proudly. I went to “See You At the Pole” at a large public high school. I proudly played KLOVE and Steven Curtis Chapman (heck, I even met Steven Curtis Chapman!).
I thought I was being strong and brave in an unfriendly and dangerous world. The problem is, it isn’t true. And that’s so hard to see when you’re still inside.
Maybe you feel like you’re being told to sit down and shut up, but you’re actually just being asked to use your indoor voice, and to remember your manners.
Amanda Gehris

When I read letters to the editor, I am always interested in learning something new, and not just hearing echoes of my own views.
The debate about downtown reminds me of my own experience when running for office as a councilman, in a city modestly larger than Findlay, with a strong city base and rural base of voters.
I was running for the first time against an incumbent with 20 years of experience, representing mostly rural views. In contrast, I was mostly a first-time political rube who believed part of being smart is knowing when I’m not, and seeing the need for listening to both city and rural voters.
My opponent was so impressive, I almost voted for him. It turns out that while I had some valuable private experience, I didn’t initially know jack about most public issues, until listening to voters from both groups, and reading letters to the editor from the local paper.
By then, however, it was too late.
I lost a close election, while learning to be confident enough about what I didn’t know to learn from the voters. It’s why I enjoy reading letters to the editor, which include letters pro and con regarding city matters.
I sense that these letters tipped the scale in support of the latest revised plan for downtown, an optimum solution for most, versus being a minimum or maximum benefit for some.
Tom Murphy

An article in The Courier (page B6, April 10) titled “Poll: Most Americans say filing taxes easy,” is an example of IRS propaganda.
The income tax in the United States is voluntary. The job of the Internal Revenue Service is to collect as much tax as legally possible. So they do all they can to convince us to volunteer, which they do very well by deceit.
If you ask the IRS what law requires anyone to pay a tax on income, they will say something like: Everyone has to pay taxes, or the 16th Amendment is constitutional, or the answer can be found in IRC 26, or ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you continue to ask these frivolous questions they say they can fine you $500.
If you want to read the law in the income tax section of the Internal Revenue Code, go to Federal Code of Regulations, Title 26, Subtitle A: Income Tax, Section 1461. Liability for withheld tax.
“Every person required to deduct and withhold any tax under this chapter is hereby made liable for such tax and is indemnified against the claims and demands of any person for the amount of any payments made in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.”
This is the only section in IRC 26 that makes anyone liable for a tax on income.
In Section 771: Definitions, the term “withholding agent” means any person required to deduct and withhold any tax under the provisions of sections 1441, 1442, 1443, or 1461 (involving tax on foreigners). Payments to certain foreigners require withholding of 30 percent, which is to be sent to the IRS.
Robert Fink

Russia has recently annexed the Crimea part of Ukraine. What nation does Russia under “Tsar Putin,” “Chairman Putin,” “President for life,” or the “Russian Hitler” have designs on next? More of Ukraine?
Ukraine is mainly an Orthodox Christian nation.
Just like Hitler, he wanted “peace,” a piece of this nation and that nation, then the whole nation.
Is the evil empire being reborn?
Bill Geckle


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