Letters to the Editor 04-17-14

Barbara Rice (letter, April 12) is right in her writings about the Scriptures and about the efforts to silence the word of God. These are the latter days of this world when evil shall prevail until the second coming of our lord.
Even the churches will be punished for not fulfilling their obligations to admonish the sins of mankind.
What is unacceptable with God will be punished with eternal damnation in hell. Sex sins rate very high as an “abomination” with God. Throughout the Scriptures, God expresses his displeasure of adultery, whether it be between a man and woman (not married to each other), or between two men or two women.
God instituted marriage between one man and one woman and that is the only acceptable marriage for mankind. The U.S. Constitution might be fallible, but God’s word is not.
No order of mankind’s should take precedence over God’s orders. Believers, unite! Let your voices be heard!
And, keep up the good work, Barbara Rice!
Rachel Kingery

During the last election, one thing seemed to be on everybody’s mind. They couldn’t wait for it to be over because they were sick and tired of all the campaign ads.
Well, guess what? You haven’t seen anything yet. With the recent Supreme Court ruling, we will be bombarded with ads from both sides.
You’re going to see millions and millions spent on TV and print that could have been better spent on something that might help people rather than make us tired of turning on the TV.
I found it funny, but not in a good way, that Supreme Court Justice Roberts said: “Candidates would be grateful to the donors but not feel obligated to them.” Right.
It was also stated that there was no connection between money and political corruption. Ha ha.
There went any faith that I had in the Supreme Court. Looks like they are no better than anybody else in Washington.
Robert Schoonover


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